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  1. Request: swamp fox TV series.

    Hello. This may be an impossible request but a friend asked if I could find the classic Disney TV series "swamp fox". Does anyone know where I can get all 8 episodes? Thank you very much if you can.
  2. PDF request Palladium RPG

    Hi there. Don't know if the site has any sections for pdf uploads but I was wondering if anyone could upload or know where I can find the Palladium RPG books in PDF form. I'm looking for them for a friend of mine. Thank you very much if you can help EDIT: Nvm, Someone found them for me. Thank you.
  3. [REQ] RWBY - Vol. 3 (RoosterTeeth) [WEB-RiP][1080p]

    what crunchyroll rip?
  4. Yes. Now on a serious note, this is my favorite anime ever. Of all time. I have all the first round of the collected sets in 8 volumes. Didn't get the four Seasons yet but have not yet watched the blu ray copies I have yet. However, as a note. The blu ray release received select reddubbing in which certain names or dine tuning dialogue was re-recorded. So that's why I say yes to both. The dvds are well worth the price. If you want a slightly better dubbing which is nice though I love the dub personally either way then go for the dvds. If you you want hd go blu ray. If your ok with standard go with dvd. Know that either way you're getting a great anime in a terrific package. Third option is wait for a sale and decide based on the info I've given you. Buy, enjoy and kick ass.
  5. Digimon Adventure Tri (2015)

    You sir should watch season 5. Everyone pretty much agrees that season 4 is a hit or miss. BUT SAVERS WAS FRIGGEN AMAZING!!!!!!! Also, for lack of any better words: ALL ABORD THE HYPE TRAIN!!!!! BEEP BEEP WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!!!!!
  6. Ernest and Celestine in English please?

    I still feel bad you ordered it cause I didn't realize youtube was an option Arian. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?
  7. Which PC to buy??

    I'm just wondering. Why not just build a desktop for half the price? The only pricy part would be an intel processor. Or you could go cheaper with AMD.
  8. Ernest and Celestine in English please?

    Thank you!!!!! I am slowly but surely downloading. Anyone know how to speed up mega? It usually goes at 1.0mbs but it's slow for some reason. Edit: nvm, got it! It's in english!!! Yay!! Thank you again sooo much!!!
  9. Ernest and Celestine in English please?

    I'm so sorry. i just found out about this today. you can cancel your order if you want. I'm very sorry about this.
  10. Ernest and Celestine in English please?

    sorry if I'm being a pest but could you tell me the status of the rip please? If you don't have it that's ok. Me and my friends were gonna watch it tomorrow by renting on youtube but I wanted to know if this would be available first. Thank you again for your time ^^
  11. Ernest and Celestine in English please?

    YOU GUYS ROCK. Thank you frthe inf. Can't wait to see this movie in english. it looks so adorable.
  12. Ernest and Celestine in English please?

    Is this the english version? or french?
  13. If anyone has the new movie Ernest and Celestine in english could you please upload it. I don't care if it's dvd or hd quality. It just looks so adorable and I just have to see it since it wasn't in any of my theaters. Can anyone help me please
  14. Generator Rex S01-03 480p

    Thanks for the post. Anyone got another link to season 2 ep 17? That links down.