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  1. Yes. Now on a serious note, this is my favorite anime ever. Of all time. I have all the first round of the collected sets in 8 volumes. Didn't get the four Seasons yet but have not yet watched the blu ray copies I have yet. However, as a note. The blu ray release received select reddubbing in which certain names or dine tuning dialogue was re-recorded. So that's why I say yes to both. The dvds are well worth the price. If you want a slightly better dubbing which is nice though I love the dub personally either way then go for the dvds. If you you want hd go blu ray. If your ok with standard go with dvd. Know that either way you're getting a great anime in a terrific package. Third option is wait for a sale and decide based on the info I've given you. Buy, enjoy and kick ass.
  2. megas88

    Digimon Adventure Tri (2015)

    You sir should watch season 5. Everyone pretty much agrees that season 4 is a hit or miss. BUT SAVERS WAS FRIGGEN AMAZING!!!!!!! Also, for lack of any better words: ALL ABORD THE HYPE TRAIN!!!!! BEEP BEEP WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!!!!!
  3. megas88

    Which PC to buy??

    I'm just wondering. Why not just build a desktop for half the price? The only pricy part would be an intel processor. Or you could go cheaper with AMD.
  4. megas88

    from cartoonworld forums

    Thanks for the greets peeps. I miss the fourms too. I was in the middle of getting Samurai Jack and Fosters when everything just POOFED. Glad to see such high quality stuff here though. Maybe I'll find something of that like here. And of course me new favorite Wnder over Yonder! Hoping to also find my missing Sym-Bionic Titan eps too. As you can tell, my fav cartoon from my name is MEGAS XLR!!!!! Bow before it's slow but imminent return. And enjoy the free bacon ^^
  5. megas88

    from cartoonworld forums

    Hi, I'm a long time user of the cartoon-world forums and sad to see them go so I'm here now as I was redirected to come here. Glad to join.