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  1. Am really starting loose interest in anime I use to go crazy for animes like dbz , bleach , and FMA. Come on u guys some of guys might be feeling this way. Am speaking my mind didn't hate. i've done everything to get my interest back on I have ask u guys what good anime are out there all i have gotten is same anime i have already watches or not interest in.

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    2. Freeman-AP


      Also check out my signature on AP or Kametsu it has a whole list of over 65+ recommendations all worth watching. And they all are dubbed or have been attempted to be dubbed.

    3. professa X

      professa X

      Psycho-pass. It seems your just tired of just action. You need anime with more intellectual stimulation

    4. Tsukumo Yuma

      Tsukumo Yuma

      If what Professa said is the case, then watch Phi Brain, it is the anime that his Avatar is from, it doesn't revlve around action, more of it revolves around using brain benders.

      Also, Gilgamesh, and Skullman anime have mystery, and less action.

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