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  1. I've look around can't found it so can any1 help or could any mods or admins please remove my account thank you.
  2. Am really starting loose interest in anime I use to go crazy for animes like dbz , bleach , and FMA. Come on u guys some of guys might be feeling this way. Am speaking my mind didn't hate. i've done everything to get my interest back on I have ask u guys what good anime are out there all i have gotten is same anime i have already watches or not interest in.

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    2. professa X
    3. Cman


      Thank you everyone. @xKiYoMiN Any animes u have to suggest to me is fine thanks.

    4. Badman


      Or you might just not like the animu anymore

  3. Cman

    What Would You Rather?

    Wrestle an alligator because there not smart. Would u rather listen to postive hip-hop or real bad country music with bad word that not for kid.
  4. Cman

    Person who posts after you game.

    Nope not at all Next like to play basketball
  5. Cman

    Keep One, Drop One

    Barber Shop
  6. Rockman taking this one but it was tough to choices.
  7. Cman

    Username ratings

    This will always be 10/10.
  8. I don't know about da rest of u guys but if nothing happen soon am gone for good that am serious about.
  9. Cman

    Rate The Signatures Above

    what's wrong with u? Wow princess u got one of the best signature I have ever seen. 10000/10
  10. Cman

    Person who posts after you game.

    Who's da jerk nope Has a ipod classic
  11. Cman

    Avatar Rating!

  12. Cman

    Ban the person above you

    Banned having a super cool signature.
  13. Cman

    Say something nice about the user above.

    just got a great gift.