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  1. Dance with Devils Bluray

    since it's been released could someone rip and upload it (to like mega or something)? i would love to hear the english version of the songs https://www.amazon.com/Dance-Devils-Complete-Blu-ray-Combo/dp/B0721VC3J1/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1506435692&sr=8-3&keywords=dance+with+devils
  2. Exiled Destiny

    i need a tutorial on how to download from Exiled-Destiny. i don't know how it's done (and i mean visual step-by-step pls)
  3. Zatch Bell Dvd Rip dubbed

    could you upload it on mega as well?
  4. Fairy Tail (2014) Tartaros Saga Dual-Audio

  5. Fairy Tail (2014) Tartaros Saga Dual-Audio

    is it dubbed?
  6. could someone upload the tautaros saga (english dub+dual audio) pls
  7. Dance with Devils Bluray

    when dance with devils comes out in dvd in september could someone upload it pls? i want to hear the english version of all their songs
  8. Master Mosquiton (Dual-Audio)

    could someone upload this series in dual-audio pls
  9. could someone reupload this series
  10. http://intel.haruhichan.com/?s=master mosquiton please help download/upload it for me pls
  11. How do I download anime from exiled-destiny.com?

    can someone provide visual aid for this
  12. Bakugan Season 2,3,4 DVD-Rip EUA

    how do i download these? can anyone upload the links to megaz or mediafire?
  13. Diabolik Lovers More Blood Dub

    can someone upload the second season of diabolik lovers dubbed pls
  14. Glitter Force Season 2 Dubbed

    i look forward to seeing them
  15. Glitter Force Season 2 Dubbed

    since glitter force season 2 has been released on netflix, i would like someone to upload it.