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  1. Completely stupid there has been a lot of scum devs/pubs/someone that have made a game go that way after the fact so what good a label when it is gonna be outdated when they feel like fleecing some kids out of greed, I'll admit I laughed when the idiots did it to sports games and I'm never gonna buy but the god damp pop ups are annoying as crap, I'm I gonna hope everyone involved will live a long life hell no short and painful is my vote because all the greedy scum have to do is segmentation story | multi player | esports/rank because come one we all know which players are actually buying that rubbish and it's not the people with 100% story & 5% online playtime.
  2. if i understand what you want its a two tone gradient its in the fill effects which will be in the colour options of the text hope i helped do tell me if i was talking about the wrong thing.
  3. updated my name and getting stone walled by soundtrack section so hopefully this may help me
  4. sorry for Naruto quote im cursednaruto
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