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  1. Would it betray the franchise if they really make Chris into the villain? I mean judging by the trailer alone, of course.
  2. Flame of Recca, which blew my ninja obsessed adolescent mind.
  3. So hot you can feel the weight of the sunlight hitting your body and cause -1 HP damage when hit. But now the rains are starting to come in so its fine. BUT THEN comes the damn mosquitoes that cause continuous -0.5 HP damage throughout the whole night.
  4. - Peter J. Tomasi - Neil Gaiman - Kurt Busiek - Jim Zub - Donny Cates In no particular order, tho.
  5. Sheesh, sorry Koby. I was just fishing for other opinions; review by consensus, before buying the game. Didn't mean to be so harsh to you. I am super excited for the game and simultaneously super anxious that it would suck that I'm like a deer in the headlights about it. I'm stuck. Plus it's so new that there has been no reviews to qualitate the product. So yeah.. I'm boned.
  6. So other than Koby, does anyone else think the game is good. I'm so afraid the game has been overhyped that it will not be able to meet expectations.
  7. The ending brought closure. It could've been better and seemed rushed but overall, I am satisfied with the ending. Who knows, maybe Gennedy will release an extended version or some deleted storyboards. That would be appreciated.
  8. The show is great. And rewatching the past seasons of Samurai Jack is not required although it would enrich the viewing experience. The current season blends Mad Max style of story-telling with less bombast and adrenaline. The animation is a marked improvement to the previous seasons while not so jarring (a la Xiaolin Chronicles). But personally, Jack's new design (both unshaven and clean) felt a bit weird to me. For older fans, there are easter eggs and references galore but it does not hinder the story for any new viewers. The change in Jack is like the change in Max between Mad Max Thunderdome and Mad Max Fury Road. We know he's been through a lot and is suffering from PTSD which makes want to root for him more to beat it. Lastly, the atmosphere that engrosses you into his story remain intact. The beautiful backgrounds, the raw emotions and new mature themes all make it an awesome show to watch. 9.5/10
  9. Chronologically, according to the show's timeline if possible. That also watching means flashback episodes first despite having no context to it.
  10. Teen Titans - The Judas Contract. I preferred the Teen Titans cartoon version to this. Not enough pathos to draw me into the story.
  11. I don't know if this counts, but I enjoy Laizy-boy's Genderbend Hamilton Animatics. You can check him out here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOuR-pJDNOEg3AOcK9Tuiig/videos
  12. Bob's Burgers season 3 Samurai Jack season 5 (I am anticipating the Finale)
  13. The show deserved a better ending that what it got. But then again, many of the Cartoon Cartoons at CN should have had better endings rather that just stopping abruptly.
  14. This brings back memories. Although, I was kinda peeved that Narcissus was considered as one of the legendary heroes.
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