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  1. It's not necessarily a bad thing to be called a nerd (there is computer nerds, gaming nerds, anime nerds). I am too kind of afraid to talk about anime, out in the public. Unless it is a friend that likes it of course. Nothing bad about keeping public image separate from online/internet. If you like something just keep it to yourself. I should have learned to do that through high school. Only thing I can think of is that anime gets obsessed with, and a high percentage of people just stay in their basement all day watching anime and playing video games. Maybe, that's why it has a bad image.
  2. Hey, I'm from Cartoon World forums. I thought I better join here to keep up with info on a few animes that I like. I don't plan on being that active. Depends, but I will try to view topics at least once a month. Anyways, I appreciate the easy registration process, and I'll check things out from here. Thank you.
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