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  1. Hey man, just got to see your encodes on Bleach, great encodes tho! Just want to ask, do you have the other files for the Season 6 or for other seasons?  I've been planning to encode the whole series and I need a good source for this. 


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    2. Mark-Law


      Can you share those episodes?

    3. jdcox215


      Yup, I've got them all uploading now, separated into the DVD sets they come in. DVD Set 6 has the first 2 episodes missing (episodes 110 and 111) because they are provided in Blu Ray Set 4 in 1080P. So I have them in that higher quality instead. When everything is done uploading they will be in this folder: Bleach DVD Sets 6-26

    4. Mark-Law


      Oh Great! Thanks for this.

  2. Hi again! For some reason, your missing "Lights Camera Pika". Other than that, 140 episodes are still there. :)

    1. jdcox215


      I actually realized that the other day, fixed it on my end locally, but forgot to upload the episodes. I'll do that now.

  3. Hi! I'm almost finished downloading your encodes! I need to finish up XY Kalos Quest and take care of XYZ. ^_^

    1. jdcox215


      Awesome! I'm glad I could be of help :) Still waiting for that Advanced Battle Complete Collection to be announced :/

    2. ElementalCards


      Maybe sometime between March and early June.^_^

  4. I love checking for new anime on Kametsu! I hope everyone has fun downloading anime! I sure do!
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