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  1. @Akai-ShuichiSo I hope this is ok... I took your videos and I expanded them and made them dual-audio. I used the subtitles and audio from the Horriblesubs release, and I even found the exact frame I need to cut (Frame 168) to cut the Aniplex and sync the audio and subtitles for your and the Horriblesubs release. So here's the downloads of your release, but dual audio Thanks for all your work! https://uazips-my.sharepoint.com/personal/jdc138_zips_uakron_edu/_layouts/15/guestaccess.aspx?folderid=04085d8335e6046febee72a105270d219&authkey=AU3elY04qVMtDxnIWFXMhWs
  2. Oh. I'm sorry I guess I wasn't paying attention. I guess I need to be more patient then
  3. I need someone to rip One Piece in DVD Rip Dual audio! I can't find anyone and cloaknsmoke doesn't release the rips on a consistent basis... Thanks in advance!
  4. I'm looking for someone to rip from box set 27 on.... I've got all the other ones but for some reason I can't find anyone that does Naruto Shippuden anymore.
  5. I love checking for new anime on Kametsu! I hope everyone has fun downloading anime! I sure do!
  6. MEGA gives me downloads of up to 3.5 MB/s. It is the best file sharing website