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    Hello Everyone!

    Hello All! Finally made my transition from the C-W forums to this one and I'm glad to be here! My name is Andrew, a working dad of 3 kids and I'm from the little island of Singapore. How did u find Kametsu? - Was directed here from the C-W forums What do you think of the place so far? - Everything's pretty neat and organised. Hopefully, I'll meet plenty of friendly pple here too How active are you planning on being? - My kids and I are all big fans of cartoons & animes. I'll definitely chip in my 2 cents worth. What are your top five anime? - in no ranking order: one piece, shingeki no kyojin, prince of tennis, kuroko no basuke, doraemon (lol!) Top five video games? - Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 7, Zelda: Link to the past, Super Robot Taisen Z (the whole series), ni no kuni What other hobbies do you have? - LEGO, manga, comic books, movies, video games, pc games, basically I'm an old fart but young at heart Make any graphics? - I'm not sure I understand this question. If you're asking am I good at graphics, then I must say I'm sorry. I suck at it. Do you have any question for us? - Not at the moment. I will definitely ask when something crops up. Hope the above info will let you guys know me better. Thank you!