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  1. Kharaxel

    Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation

    Oh God. While I'm a fan of .hack//, I just want this influx of mmo based anime to end. It especially hurts since aside from a mobile game Guilty Dragon, and .hack//bullet(web novel) we have no new content on .hack//, even though the story is clearly not concluded. Oh well. As for this, my excitement was quickly killed. I hoped it would be an adaptation of the game's story. BUT NOPE. NOPE. NOOOOPE. Ixion Saga still best mmo adaptation. I need to complete watching this someday.
  2. Kharaxel

    permission access

    So that's what happened. Huh. Suits me right for not posting, I guess.
  3. Kharaxel

    Why yello thar

    Hello. Moving from CW to here. I will probably post occasionally, but eh. Better than nothing, right? Right? ;_; Seriously though, nice place you guys got here. I might post some of the music I make (cacophony ho!) once I figure out where to put it (someone give me a hand, I only see graphic and writing forums). Anyways. That would be it.