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  1. Thanks for uploading the Bang Zoom DB Super episodes. However, I've noticed there's occasionally missing audio or footage, do you have any ideas as to why this happens? And if so, do you have a plan to correct the issue? I know a few people who might be able to help if necessary. Thanks again.

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    2. Arian


      The episodes will be repeated on Sundays starting March 5. And episodes 2, 3, 6, and 8 need to be re-recorded.

    3. Arian


      Also episode 11 has issues. Are you sure your skills have improved?

    4. Subhraneel


      its not about the skills its about the receiving end! I could record only what and how our cable gives us! Yes, it will be re-recorded and this time there is no chance of issues cause I will record from two sources!

  2. The Funimation DBZ dub is a bad English dub though. You can be nostalgic for it but at the end of the day that doesn't change the fact that the actors involved were mostly still amateurs.
  3. Voted for Mob Psycho 100 but I fucking loved Gundam Thunderbolt as well, if I could vote for both I would. I hated the new Berserk and I'm surprised people liked it. The animation in that was pretty disgraceful, and I was a big fan of the original.
  4. There's many reasons for this. Funimation are the only ones with the Dragonball distribution rights for North America, and since no other English anime distributor outside of the US is willing or able to produce their own English dub and release it on DVD and Blu Ray, this basically means Funimation are the only English dub available on disc and digital releases. There are small exceptions such as the early Pioneer/Funimation DVDs which featured the Ocean cast however these all predated Funimation's in house Texas dub and were owned by Funimation themselves. Along with all that, Funimation's cast are also the only ones contracted to do any videogame work which helps perpetuate and spread their popularity. It's just a matter of who had most control over the brand and the ability to release it, which at the end of the day was (and still is) Funimation. The alternative English dubs have always been relegated to television broadcasts either due to lazy/cheap distributors or complicated rights issues. The companies behind those dubs have historically also been less consistent in their output, choosing not dub all Dragonball material. The time sensitive nature of these dubs is a major reason to actually record and preserve them, because they're only available for a short period of time (this was the case for the European/Canadian DB, Z & GT broadcasts). The FUnimation dubs on the other hand are going to be around forever. The Bang Zoom dub is a big curiosity for many Dragonball fans right now. Hell, just the fact that there was so much speculation over an Ocean Production's Dragonball Kai dub should be enough proof that people have an interest in alternate dubs. That version of Kai didn't even get a chance to air on television yet was still discussed endlessly for years. Even the Big Green dub has a cult following of it's own. To the casual fan it might not matter but to the hardcore fans they definitely care.
  5. I don't care about your silly rank, time spent on this particular forum or your post count. None of that matters in real life. If you seriously believe no one cares about alternate Dragonball dubs besides Funimation's you're either very young or haven't bothered to pay much attention to Dragonball communities outside your regular bubble.
  6. Lack of interest in a Dragon Ball dub... You must be new. Anyway, supposedly it'll be also airing on CN in African countries as well. If anyone happens to live in those territories and has a way to record we'd all greatly appreciate it.
  7. As someone who grew up watching the show in the UK I have a preference for the Ocean dub. I know I'm usually in the minority in my opinions but I do believe that pound for pound the Z Ocean dub is better acted than the Funimation Z dub. In my opinion the Funimation's cast didn't get very good until Kai but even so their dubs tend to have certain dubbing habits that I'm not particularly fond of. It really is tragic that Ocean's Kai dub never got released because I think they most likely did a tremendous job.
  8. Wow, Nickelodeon sure to love to milk their biggest cartoon properties for as long as possible don't they?
  9. Hey there, just curious if you know how to get the English audio and subtitles working for the Pokemon movie download you provided? I only seem to be able to play it in Japanese or Portuguese at the moment, no English subtitles or dub appear to be selectable.

  10. I'de be willing to chip in but I'm confused as to which service is the best to use. Edit: nevermind, I re-read the OP.
  11. I don't own any DB releases and I think it won't accept my votes for the rest if I leave that section unchecked :/
  12. NitroNeon


    Finally got around to registering here. Used to use the Cartoon World forums. Fellow Ocean dub DBZ fan
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