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  1. Bal60

    Dell OptiPlex 9010 issue

    Ok, a white power LED & no beep codes means the BIT (Built In Test) detected no errors and the BIOS successfully started up so all the PC components should be good. The reason you're not getting a screen display is because the video port you're plugged into isn't active (note, the BIOS "defaults" to VGA output on first boot.) I'd suggest finding someone who can loan you a VGA monitor so you can at least get to the BIOS setup screen and proceed from there to see if you can get the DP ports working.
  2. Bal60

    Dell OptiPlex 9010 issue

    Your issue could be as simple as having your monitor plugged into an "inactive" video port (which video port is active is set in the BIOS.) Here's the rear of an Optiplex 9010 SFF 16 is the VGA connector 17 are the DP Connectors (which are not the same thing as HDMI) If your monitor supports both VGA and DP, try swapping it to one of the other video ports to see if you get a display. If that doesn't help... The power button LED on the front is a diagnostic indicator that blinks a pattern if it detects a failure. The blinking pattern is 2 or 3 amber blinks followed by a short pause then up to 7 blinks followed by a long pause which repeats (i.e. 2 amber blinks, a short pause, 3 amber blinks, a long pause, repeats.) The blink codes are: 2 x 1 - system board failure 2 x 2 - system board, PSU or PSU cabling failure 2 x 3 - system board, memory or CPU failure 2 x 4 - coin-cell battery failure 2 x 5 - corrupt BIOS 2 x 6 - CPU configuration failure or CPU failure 2 x 7 - memory modules are detected, but a memory failure 3 x 1 - possible peripheral card or system board failure 3 x 2 - possible USB failure 3 x 3 - no memory modules are detected 3 x 4 - possible system board error 3 x 5 - memory modules are detected, but a memory configuration or compatibility error 3 x 6 - possible system board resource and/or hardware failure 3 x 7 - some other failure (message will display on screen) If the indicator doesn't show a diagnostic code, the built-in speaker may emit a series of "beep" codes (you'll need to look those up online to see what they mean.) Finally, you could try a BIOS Factory Reset Turn off the computer and disconnect the power cable from the electrical outlet. Remove the computer cover. Locate the 2-pin password connector (PSWD) on the system board. Locate the 2-pin CMOS jumper (RTCRST) on the system board. Move the 2-pin jumper plug from the password jumper pins to the CMOS jumper pins. Plug in AC power to the system and wait ten seconds for the CMOS to clear. Move the 2-pin jumper plug back to the password jumper. Replace the computer cover. Connect your computer and devices to electrical outlets and turn them on. Good luck!
  3. Bal60

    Is Kim Possible Season 5 is coming..??

    According to Deadline Hollywood the "Live Action" movie premieres Friday, Feb 15 at 8 ET/PT on Disney Channel and DisneyNOW https://deadline.com/2018/12/kim-possible-live-action-movie-sets-premiere-date-on-disney-channel-disneynow-1202515751/ As for live action vs cartoon, Disney seems to be on a mad streak lately of redoing their older cartoons as live action (especially older cartoon movies.) Other than just plain old greediness to milk as much money as possible from consumers, I don't see why they're doing this. Now the "Live Action" remake of Avatar: The Last Airbender that Netflix is doing I can get behind 100% (especially since Konietzko and DiMartino will be heading it up and stated the following.)
  4. Bal60

    Issue with Edit Topic buttons

    Been there, done that... have the bruises from trying to figure out why a simple security update messed up a bunch of templates to prove it! As for the IPS themes update issue, all I can say is... OUCH!! I sympathize with ya and sure am glad it ain't me having to deal with it!
  5. Bal60

    Issue with Edit Topic buttons

    Thanks! And I understand the whole having to edit a bunch of templates thing, just didn't realize the templates here where updated that often.
  6. When editing an existing topic, once you're actually in edit mode, there is no save button (as there use to be) only cancel and edit topic buttons. This causes some confusion since it's not really clear that you need to click the "edit topic" button to actually save the changes you just made. From my own prior experience administering a board such as this, the most likely cause is a change in the actual "button text" defined in the edit topic template (likely during template updates.) Can the text for this button be changed back to "save" to avoid confusion? Thanks!
  7. Bal60

    Steven Universe Links Being Taken Down

    Ok, so Telegram is an "external' program and not an actual add-on/plugin that gets run in your browser (your initial post and the download description on their web site doesn't make that clear.) Well, to prevent possible drive-by virus/malware infections I've deliberately set my browsers to not allow any external programs to be run while browsing... which is why your links are not working for me. So, following your alternate instructions, I cranked up the Telegram program I installed and found it "requires" a phone# to activate and use and I absolutely DO NOT give out my phone number to anyone on the web... just my personal preference, but I don't use any sites/services that require a phone# and never will!! This means I won't be participating in your little experiment, but good luck with it anyway.
  8. Bal60

    Steven Universe Links Being Taken Down

    Downloaded and installed the app, but still getting the same error when I click on your link. Guess it's not designed to work with "other" browsers.
  9. Bal60

    Steven Universe Links Being Taken Down

    My browser (SeaMonkey 2.40... based on Firefox 43) won't connect to your link Unknown Protocol tg is not a registered protocol or is not allowed in this context It also doesn't work in Internet Explorer 11 Does telegram require a plugin or something?
  10. Bal60

    Hello all

    Found the site while googling and hope it'll help with my cartoon adiction.