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  1. Everything's better with more Darkwing Duck and Goofy! Love that Daisy Duck is making an appearance!
  2. Pretty excited to see how they will introduce the FF into the MCU. I'm also excited that Blade is making it in too, those movies were great (except the third one).
  3. This seems pretty interesting. I liked Kate in the Young Avengers comics and it might be cool. I hope it does expand into a Young Avengers series. It'll be nice to see some new Marvel shows.
  4. Stuff123

    What's your all-time favorite animated film?

    The Lion King is my favorite with Toy Story being a close second.
  5. Stuff123

    Borderlands 3 Reveal (More on April 2019)

    I've been replaying Borderlands 2 so I'm really excited for this game. I'm tempted to get the Diamond Loot Chest Collector’s Edition, but at a $250 price for that one I'll probably get the standard/deluxe game.
  6. Stuff123

    DC's Titans (2018 DC Universe TV Series)

    Based on everyone's comments I'm going to give it a chance. Initially I didn't watch it because it looked like it was going to be trying too hard to be dark & edgy, plus Starfire didn't look good from any of the trailers I watched. So hopefully I'll start this within the week.
  7. I saw the promo for season 4. I'm pretty excited for it! This might never happen, but I hope that Toffee comes back at some point.
  8. Yeah, there's a lot of stuff, like a Spider-Ham mini movie included.
  9. Stuff123

    Cartoons You're Currently Watching?

    It's funny that you mention that because I was planning on watching that sometime soon.
  10. Just bought it on itunes last night and loved it!
  11. Stuff123

    Manga You're Currently Reading?

    I'm currently reading Fairy Tail.
  12. Currently reading the Collected Works of Philip K. Dick (a book containing some of his short stories). I just started reading it a few days ago and it's really good. So far my favorite short story in it is The Adjustment Team.
  13. I liked this show. My favorite season was season 4, mostly because Tohru played a much bigger role in this one.
  14. Stuff123

    Young Justice Outsiders

    I'm a little sad that we have to wait until June for the second half of the season, this season has been great. I hope they bring Wally West back at some point.
  15. Stuff123

    Forgotten Cartoons

    Pirates of Darkwater