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    Status Quo

    ^This. I found this community from AniPas and I joined there for the downloads, but over time I started to participate in some discussions and "moved" my focus away from getting the content and discussing it instead. When I joined Kametsu, I was hoping to have similarly enjoyable experience discussing more technical aspects of the content (anime mostly) and I did. But with the change in direction I am no longer sure what I will be doing on the site - probably just reduce my activity to "lurking". I am not blaming anyone from the staff for the changes, but it is still sad to lose all those posts.
  2. Yagate Kimi ni Naru aka Bloom into You
  3. I was looking in replacing my current MPC-HC setup with variation of mpv, but I encountered and issue - I can't get desired tracks to be selected by default. Is there a way to get non-forced subtitle track to be selected by default if both tracks have the same language? For LAV I can do something like this - "jpn:eng|n", but I can't find any documentation on how to do the same on mpv.
  4. I personally have never encountered the issue that you are trying to solve, so I don't see the usefulness in the solution. I am not strongly against doing it, as I rarely visit cartoon section anyways. From your description it sounds like what you what is a genre or a tag to be "upgraded" to a category and I don't see why it is necessary. Something being an anime is not defined by the content, but by origin so anything being "anime-like"/"animesque" is not only subjective but could be applied to both anime and western cartoons. I can only see more confusion due to some animation being listed under cartoons, some under animo and some listed under both.
  5. So you want us to make and maintain a special category for animated shows based on whether you like them or not? Does not sound very useful for the community as a whole, considering that not everyone's opinion on those select shows will align with yours.
  6. Lossy vs. lossless audio is not an anime specific discussion and has been around for a while with supporting arguments in each side. Searching on the net will likely get better points/arguments than what we will get here, but we can try to make this topic more anime release focused. It is "worth it" in my opinion, but each of us have different scale of values, so you will have to choose for yourself. Because of difference in opinions, some people could also be deterred from releases with FLAC instead. As far as I know, only positive aspect of lossy audio is size, while lossless guarantees the highest possible quality and to me the savings are not significant enough to justify using lossy audio.
  7. First, that post is more than four months old now - that or you are time traveling, as you did post it here more than five months ago. As for the points made in that post, some can be debated on. Anime encodes often use 10bit AVC and it has no hardware support, while HEVC has some Encoding speed is not something that consumer should base their choice on - as long as decode is fast enough, it is not an issue. In this case though, there is no clear improvement in compression, so it is wasted time, but if there was improvement, extra time could be justified "x265 is barely understood" and "Nobody really knows how to tweak the settings for better results" are very broad statements and could easily be wrong. There are groups that have been using it for several years and likely have some knowledge about how to tweak the settings for better results That all being said, I am not in favor of HEVC, I am simply stating that some points used to dismiss it in past may have changed over time. As for HDR, to me it seems like a mess of 6 (or more) different standards that have different capabilities, prices and users (BDs use one, streaming uses another and HDTV use yet another one). Some of those supposedly can work on even AVC. Because most HDR standards require hardware support, it might be best to wait until industry has "settled down" and are no longer releasing new ones.
  8. I assumed that MPC-QT was already trying to do that.
  9. In regards to Sailor Moon movies, here are some screenshots for comparison: I did not add Japanese and US DVDs because they have the same aspect ratio as one of the Italian DVDs, but with more compression artifacts. Could also note that the BDs have all the film grain removed, but at least it was done better than in TV series. On the down side, the better results suggests that they had better masters and could possibly have produced reasonable quality video with grain intact.
  10. 4K HEVC - yes. GPU is listed to have hardware decoder, so any mainstream HEVC contend should be OK HDR - no. GPU does not seem to support it (based on this and linked information https://communities.intel.com/thread/118311) AVC Hi10P - no. Might work OK-ish with 720p, but 1080p will likely have issues in scenes containing heavy action or grain
  11. The short version is that the site "went down" within few days and took terabytes/petabytes of user uploaded data with it. All data lost with no hope of retrieval and owner spent several years in trial (I am not sure if it is resolved yet) while creating MEGA in spare time. This whole incident is likely the main reason for data encryption on MEGA - site owner can't be held responsible, because they can't verify user uploaded content. Still, US government and copyright holders will find a way to take it down if they so choose.
  12. Are you familiar with events surrounding Megaupload (MEGA predecessor)?
  13. Nozomi is the one with hardcoded text "Nozomi" (it was like that in screenshots they provided). While picture 1 and 3 is arguably better in Nozomi's release, I would disagree in regards to picture 2 - it has visible aliasing in the clothing (something that should have been fixed before sharpening and line darkening was applied). Also, as far as I am concerned, sharpening, line darkening and high contrast is not always an improvement. Currently I consider DVD to be a better source in terms of picture quality, but DVD has compression artifacts in some parts and Nozomi's release is not out yet (it could look different in the end), so we will likely need to do another comparison later. 2 more screenshots: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/124244
  14. For anyone wondering how this compares to JP DVD: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/124214 In the comparison NOZOMI is cropped and upscaled (note that the source is jpg), while DVD is cropped, upscaled and has anti-aliasing applied.
  15. While I do see how "Thank you!" post can be beneficial, I think they get "abused" too often. Just looking at the activity feed, one can occasionally see someone posting a lot of generic, copy-paste looking "Thank you!" posts within few minutes between them. It gives an impression that poster has little care about content and it's providers, and is only interested in increasing personal post count to get further access.
  16. I have been hearing references to limit, but I have never encountered it. How many "likes" per day is it? How many uploads a day we usually get? I don't think it should hit the limit and it is unlikely that there is a need for single member to download/like everything that get's uploaded. I personally try to limit my usage of "likes" as I consider heavy usage to devaluate them. As an example - would it be accurate to "pay" the same appreciation for a good argument that takes about 15 min to make and a complete release of a show that has taken days to make? The more "likes" we have, the less value they will have (like in inflation). There is also an argument of possible abuse of that as well, if there was some reward system based on "likes" (I don't think we have one).
  17. I was hoping on forum software update 4.2.0 - that would introduce "Thanks" reaction that should make "Thank you" posts obsolete, allowing to add proper rule for not using them in forum. Currently it would not be as reasonable to discourage certain expression as alternative ("Like" button) might not be adequate is some cases - I personally would discourage it, but there are many other things I would like to discourage as well, so that is not a good way of doing things.
  18. The way you phrase it, suggests that only "pirates that put out good shit" should be considered contributors and accepted in Kametsu. I have been under the impression that Kametsu is more than file repository and is also a place for discussion - I have even heard that in the past there was no file sharing at all and site still thrived. There is also a possibility that a new member might develop their skills here and start providing "good shit" only after joining. It took me more than 2 years before my first upload, so I would not feel right asking that for new members. I could see this as an option, if we would simply increase section access restriction to new members. Currently the VIP section seems to be accessible after certain post count, but that can be achieved through non-productive means - most commonly by new members posting large number of "Thank you!" style messages. If those could be somehow not counted towards total post count, it could help a little, but I don't think there is a way to do that. Alternatively, the VIP section could become "invite only", but it would likely produce more work for staff to manage invites. The only reasonable solution that I see is not using DDLs - torrents and XDCC are less affected by take-down requests. And if leachers downloaders are not willing to use these methods, they either don't care enough or are too lazy and would be poor members of the community to begin with.
  19. Hark0n

    MKV vs MP4

    I was expecting for you to provide a viable alternative for ASS subtitles, which as far as I can tell does not exist for MP4 container, making it unusable for me (and many others who use this subtitle format). You mentioned "Final Cut with CC", which as far as I can guess (I have no knowledge about Final Cut subtitling capabilities) is a hard-coded solution that would be in multiple ways inferior to ASS. If I am wrong about my assumptions, please correct me - I wouldn't mind having an option to choose between different media containers. Also, lack of response might sometimes suggest that other party has simply given up on the argument.
  20. Hark0n

    MKV vs MP4

    I agree that there are reasonable arguments for not using lossless audio (size mostly), but you have yet to provide one for not using ASS subtitle format. ASS provides styled subtitles that looks better than most text based format and takes up notably less space than comparable quality picture based ones. Only downside is limited player support, which does not affect PC.
  21. Hark0n

    MKV vs MP4

    MP4 does not support ASS subtitles and FLAC audio, so it is not even an option for many releases. FLAC could be replaced with ALAC, but there are no alternatives for ASS. Matroska container supports virtually any video/audio/subtitle format and if the target platform is a PC, there is no reason not to use it.
  22. To me it looked like chapters are a bit off - OP and ED starts before chapter marker. Additionally, font size might be a bit too large (maybe), other than that, it looks OK.
  23. An alternative way of getting chapters would be to extract them from BD, if you have it. Tools like Eac3to can do that, but this is usually easier for US BDs than JP BDs because JP releases more often have single playlist for multiple episodes and therefore a single chapter file for multiple episodes as well. Or you can use text based chapter files (as opposed to XML based) - just create text document with structure like this (add as many pairs as needed): CHAPTER01=00:00:00.000 CHAPTER01NAME=OP CHAPTER02=00:01:41.018 CHAPTER02NAME=Part A CHAPTER03=00:03:10.982 CHAPTER03NAME=Part B CHAPTER04=00:11:14.966 CHAPTER04NAME=ED CHAPTER05=00:22:31.016 CHAPTER05NAME=Episode Preview This txt file can then be muxed into mkv file with MKVToolNix For names I would recommend using source names, if you can, but if not, "classical" names you suggested will be more than OK. As a side note, be careful with chapters that start at the same time as a sign. If a chapter start time is after start time of the sign (even by few milliseconds), sign might not load, so it is better to put chapter either at exact time as the sign or before it (few milliseconds won't make any noticeable difference, as it will still be the same frame).
  24. I absolutely agree that grout names should not be first in the filename and you are right that there is no clear rules for filenaming in anime community as a whole. Having a proper standard would be nice, but this issue has not affected me in any major way - I simply rename folders and as long as files are consistently named, there is no problem for standalone players. As for scene naming having no affect, that is debatable - if I use player that automatically plays all files in folder (e.g. MPC-HC), anything having S00EXX in the name will likely be played in the wrong order and if no additional info is included in the names (luckily your releases don't suffer from this), I would be forced to look up the order. But that is the issue, a system that is built for straightforward Western TV series naming does not apply too well here, and tying to force it does not seem like the best idea for me. The misleading part I was mentioning was in regards to adding S01 for a show that has only 1 season - one would expect that this information means something, while in truth it does not (like adding "The Movie" to standalone movie for no reason). Or when a single season is spit into multiple ones for no obvious reason and these "artificial" seasons don't even align with story. Only shows that have complicated watching order usually have complex/convoluted story to begin with and may contain multiple possible watching orders. I don't see how TVDB can offer right solution when there is no clear one. As for TVDB, I consider it ok-ish but pointless for me, as I don't use any home theater system, and I consider it a flaw, when my media player needs online connection to properly play local files. As for accuracy, a quick look at Girls und Panzer watching order suggests that they can't even be bother to properly order numbered specials (or are they displaying them in wrong order for web browsers only). Then there are missing specials - GoT has more than 60 bonus feature for first 2 seasons alone (depending on how one splits them), but TVDB only has 32 in total and only 1 attached for for first 2 seasons. and let's not forget that they consider theatrical movies to be TV specials as well. Anyways, I will agree that TVDB can do good when one excludes bonus feature and specials, but specials will most likely be the thing that viewers would need guidance. @Catar I generally don't have problems with your releases - I just rename folder and I am good, but I will never approve naming you used for Girls Und Panzer movie: Scene: Title.Of.The.Movie.YEAR.Source.Codec-GROUP Carar: Title.Of.The.Movie.S00EXX.Source.Codec-GROUP @bluegrapes Sorry for hijacking your thread for my rant. Don't take my criticism too seriously and feel free to use scene's or Catar's naming standard as long as you don't include too many specials and bonus features.
  25. Somewhat related topic: As for using Catar's (actually Scene's) file-naming approach, I am not a fan of it. That naming format is intended for US TV series which has fairly different release model than Anime. Additionally, majority of anime release groups do not follow Scene's standard for video, audio or subs, so using just naming does not make much sense. This naming is beneficial for those who use specific players that rely on 'Americanized' file names, but outside of that, they could end up being misleading and arguably incorrect.
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