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  1. I was expecting for you to provide a viable alternative for ASS subtitles, which as far as I can tell does not exist for MP4 container, making it unusable for me (and many others who use this subtitle format). You mentioned "Final Cut with CC", which as far as I can guess (I have no knowledge about Final Cut subtitling capabilities) is a hard-coded solution that would be in multiple ways inferior to ASS. If I am wrong about my assumptions, please correct me - I wouldn't mind having an option to choose between different media containers. Also, lack of response might sometimes suggest that other party has simply given up on the argument.
  2. I agree that there are reasonable arguments for not using lossless audio (size mostly), but you have yet to provide one for not using ASS subtitle format. ASS provides styled subtitles that looks better than most text based format and takes up notably less space than comparable quality picture based ones. Only downside is limited player support, which does not affect PC.
  3. MP4 does not support ASS subtitles and FLAC audio, so it is not even an option for many releases. FLAC could be replaced with ALAC, but there are no alternatives for ASS. Matroska container supports virtually any video/audio/subtitle format and if the target platform is a PC, there is no reason not to use it.
  4. I was referring to your mention of "the 'best' non-BD release" and how your release of Attack on Titan S2 does not fit the "non-BD" part, as it is based on JP BD. I drew a comparison with LostYears release, as I would assume that those who can't wait for "fully finished" version of your release would have already downloaded it instead, making it less necessary to produce a temporary v0 release. I am saying that I don't see a clear audience for it - sub watchers could have grabbed sub-only release while this was airing and would not be specifically waiting for dual-audio option, dub watchers could have gone with LostYears and "archivists" would likely wait for US BD audio. No worries, I did kind of brought it on myself. No problem (just fixing my own mistakes). Just adding it for the shows that you know you are going to update is enough. I can't take credit for the idea - another more prominent individual did it before me (and got away with listing only 2 indexes).
  5. I was referring to Keijo!!!!!!!! and Attack on Titan S2 - I did not consider Hajimete no Gal as that, as you mentioned, is LostYears project (2 counts as multiple - bad wording, but still). I was not aware about state of JP BD sources in regards to Keijo, so my decision might have been uninformed, but I still would consider it as not fitting in the same group/category as a BD rip/remux. In regards to 'superior' option, I would have chosen the approach that you used for Koutetsujou no Kabaneri - a sub only release that will be upgraded to dual-audio release using US BD, when it becomes available. As a sub watcher who archives dual-audio releases, I am not hard-presses to get dub as fast as possible and I am more than willing to wait a month or a year. Attack on Titan S2, unlike Keijo, already had a release by Lost Years, so "the 'best' non-BD release" does not seem like the most solid argument there. I get your point (I think I do), but I also think that you are reacting a bit too strongly - it is just some random index by random person on the internet. I specifically added "(not a complete list)" hoping to avoid this kind of argument and added indexes where I did not have to make a decision, assuming that no one would read that much into it, but someone did (thanks @Moodkiller). As mentioned, I was not referring to Hajimete no Gal. Obviously, I was also taking this decision too seriously - it is just a recommendation of places to check out, nothing more. I just wanted to avoid a slippery slope where I end up with "my index" that consists of links to other indexes. Of course, I will update the list. @Scyrous I would like to use this opportunity to suggest that you add notes in your index next to completed projects, specifying if an update is planned (e.g. "v0 done, waiting for USBD (some date here)")
  6. The idea for the list was to mention other releases that have similar standards. Quite a few of Baal's and Shiro's releases use lossy audio (when lossless is available), have only 720p release when 1080p could still be justified and Shiro's older releases use US BD as video source. SCY has multiple releases that use simuldub source and I can't endorse that. As for shamil11's index, I was under the impression that his releases was in RASETSU Index, or is there another index? Your older releases also have some shortcomings (simuldub sources, lossy audio), which makes me reluctant to recommend your entire index (and everything in it). Your newer stuff would definitely deserve recommendation, but I don't have means to link them selectively. The whole idea was to link some of the indexes from other members (not necessarily all) which would fit the "archive quality" based on my subjective preferences. I opted to not include indexes that have mixed quality releases, but maybe I should have. Setting standards only have meaning if I follow them, I can't make exceptions just because individual behind the release has likable personality.
  7. The idea I have is to make a new encode using combination of UK BD and Italian DVD. Both sources have their issues - UK BD has detail loss, but DVDs (Japanese and Italian) have heavy compression artifacts in sequences with high motion and particle effects. By replacing bad scenes in one source with scenes from other, it should be possible to get a decent encode (or at least a bit better one you had). There is also a slight chroma shift in the source (and I think it was noticeable in some shot in your release) that should be fixable. Audio and subs would likely be taken from your release as I don't think I could improve there (hence my mention of "joint"). Anyways, that is the general idea, but I have not yet made any attempts to accomplish this, so until I have a proof of consent (an encoded episode), I am reluctant to fully move forward with this project.
  8. I can hardly compete with having only 5 releases and I am slow on adding anything new. I do have some vague plans for some stuff that might make some of your releases look bad, but I wouldn't mind doing those as "joint" projects (e.g. Noein). I am not in a position to ask anything, but if you do add any of the files to XDCC or DDL, I would appreciate it. I could not have put it better myself. Only downside is that it will likely take some time before it get's full support and standardization. And will likely have some learning curve with encoding settings, as unlike HEVC, it is not incremental improvement over existing coded, but a "fresh start" (not 100%, but it does have some unique technologies in it).
  9. Hark0n's Release Index Release standards/preferences Some general rules I use to decide sources for my releases Video Resolution - Highest available in source, unless source is poor upscale from lower resolution one. If source has black bars in either top, bottom, right or left (letterboxing), those are removed if possible. Upscaled resolution (e.g. DVD encoded at 720p) may be used, if other criteria is superior comparing to other options. Resolution of chroma has similar preference - upsaling from low resolution to high one generally avoided (unless filtering demands it). Filtering - Minimal filtering used. Fixing obvious source issues should be done, but any attempts to "enhance" video are avoided. Noise/film grain is preserved unless there is a good reason to remove it (e.g. if noise prevents fixing other serious source issues) Visual quality - Best source determined by visually comparing considered options. Decision is made considering other preferences and encode's similarity to source. Format - AVC (h264) High 10 Profile (Hi10P) used. Other AVC profiles also used if no Hi10P variation is available or it does not match other preferences. HEVC (h265) generally avoided unless no acceptable AVC alternative is available. Future projects may, at some point, use AV1. Audio Alterations - Only alterations necessary for synchronization to video and fixing serious issues accepted. Any other alterations avoided, unless track included alongside unaltered version. Format - All lossless formats transcoded to FLAC without loss of data. All lossy formats left in their original format without transcoding. Exceptions may apply if source requires editing that can't be done without conversion. Subtitles Source - Fan subs/fan edits used when available. Official translation used over fan translation if it is deemed to be better in quality (decided subjectively) or fan translation is inconsistent between episodes or seasons. Styling - Main dialogue uses simple styling. Signs that can be seamlessly integrated in background uses style/format to achieve this, while other signs are simply placed on the top of the screen. No elaborate karaoke effects for songs, unless subtitle source have them and they are not deemed to be intrusive (decided subjectively). Format - ASS (Advanced SubStation Alpha) used as default options for main English track. Additional track may use picture based formats as they are in source. Chapters Ordered chapters - Generally not used. May be used to achieve alternate cuts of the feature - in this case multiple editions are used and primary one does not contain ordered chapters. Naming - Chapters named after tiles provided in the source (BD or DVD). In case no titles are provided in source, names are based on common practice (e.g. "Intro", "Opening", "Part 1", "Part 2", "Ending", "Preview") Format - xml format used by Matroska Multimedia Container (mkv, mka, mks) Track naming ordering Video - Generally single video track, but alternative ones could be used for storyboards. Name includes source and encoder (depending on available information) Audio - Japanese and English tracks (in that order) if available. Additional tracks may be included (usually for movies), but no extensive effort will be made to have them. Name includes source (if known) and additional notes, if needed (e.g. there are multiple variations of the audio) Subtitles - Full English dialogue and signs tracks (in that order) if needed. TV shows where no signs are needed may have an empty track to avoid media splitter from selecting full dialogue track. For movies, if no signs are needed, no track is included. For non-English languages, separate signs tracks are not made, even if there is use for them (they will be included if available in source). Subtitle track language flag is determined based on corresponding audio track for if full dialogue and signs tracks use the same language (e.g. 'Full English dialogue' track will be flagged as Japanese and 'English signs' track will be flagged as English), otherwise translation language is used. Exceptions Any project is unique in some way and exceptions may apply to any of standards/preferences mentioned above. Distribution Currently, only torrents used for distribution. There are no plans to include DDL or XDCC option provided by me. If any other member is willing to provide alternate options for downloads, I will be happy to add them to main post of the respective release. Currently completed releases The Vision of Escaflowne [BD 1080p 10bit] [FLAC] [Dual Audio] Escaflowne: The Movie [BD 1080p 10bit] [FLAC] [Dual Audio] Mai Mai Miracle [BD 1080p 10bit] [FLAC] [Dual Audio] Bubblegum Crisis [BD 1080p 10bit] [FLAC] [Dual Audio] Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water [BD 1080p 10bit] [FLAC] [Dual Audio] Paprika [BD 1080p 10bit] [FLAC] [Multi Audio] Future plans No clear plans for now. If I decide to definitely do something, I might add it here. Other high quality release indexes Indexes of other members of forum that have similar standards for quality (not a complete list): AC | Anime Index deanzel's "Amazingly Fratty" Download Release Index Moodkiller's Topic Index RASETSU Anime Release Index SCY - Anime/Cartoon Index The CTR Index - Your new home for GLORIOUS bloated best quality dual-audio releases! [INDEX] ShadyCrab's Anime Release Index [Kametsu] Projects (not an index, but no proper index is available as far as I know)
  10. The USBD has been on ADC for 3 days (as of this writing). This does not change MAL/AniDB rankings , but FYI.
  11. To me it looked like chapters are a bit off - OP and ED starts before chapter marker. Additionally, font size might be a bit too large (maybe), other than that, it looks OK.
  12. An alternative way of getting chapters would be to extract them from BD, if you have it. Tools like Eac3to can do that, but this is usually easier for US BDs than JP BDs because JP releases more often have single playlist for multiple episodes and therefore a single chapter file for multiple episodes as well. Or you can use text based chapter files (as opposed to XML based) - just create text document with structure like this (add as many pairs as needed): CHAPTER01=00:00:00.000 CHAPTER01NAME=OP CHAPTER02=00:01:41.018 CHAPTER02NAME=Part A CHAPTER03=00:03:10.982 CHAPTER03NAME=Part B CHAPTER04=00:11:14.966 CHAPTER04NAME=ED CHAPTER05=00:22:31.016 CHAPTER05NAME=Episode Preview This txt file can then be muxed into mkv file with MKVToolNix For names I would recommend using source names, if you can, but if not, "classical" names you suggested will be more than OK. As a side note, be careful with chapters that start at the same time as a sign. If a chapter start time is after start time of the sign (even by few milliseconds), sign might not load, so it is better to put chapter either at exact time as the sign or before it (few milliseconds won't make any noticeable difference, as it will still be the same frame).
  13. I absolutely agree that grout names should not be first in the filename and you are right that there is no clear rules for filenaming in anime community as a whole. Having a proper standard would be nice, but this issue has not affected me in any major way - I simply rename folders and as long as files are consistently named, there is no problem for standalone players. As for scene naming having no affect, that is debatable - if I use player that automatically plays all files in folder (e.g. MPC-HC), anything having S00EXX in the name will likely be played in the wrong order and if no additional info is included in the names (luckily your releases don't suffer from this), I would be forced to look up the order. But that is the issue, a system that is built for straightforward Western TV series naming does not apply too well here, and tying to force it does not seem like the best idea for me. The misleading part I was mentioning was in regards to adding S01 for a show that has only 1 season - one would expect that this information means something, while in truth it does not (like adding "The Movie" to standalone movie for no reason). Or when a single season is spit into multiple ones for no obvious reason and these "artificial" seasons don't even align with story. Only shows that have complicated watching order usually have complex/convoluted story to begin with and may contain multiple possible watching orders. I don't see how TVDB can offer right solution when there is no clear one. As for TVDB, I consider it ok-ish but pointless for me, as I don't use any home theater system, and I consider it a flaw, when my media player needs online connection to properly play local files. As for accuracy, a quick look at Girls und Panzer watching order suggests that they can't even be bother to properly order numbered specials (or are they displaying them in wrong order for web browsers only). Then there are missing specials - GoT has more than 60 bonus feature for first 2 seasons alone (depending on how one splits them), but TVDB only has 32 in total and only 1 attached for for first 2 seasons. and let's not forget that they consider theatrical movies to be TV specials as well. Anyways, I will agree that TVDB can do good when one excludes bonus feature and specials, but specials will most likely be the thing that viewers would need guidance. @Catar I generally don't have problems with your releases - I just rename folder and I am good, but I will never approve naming you used for Girls Und Panzer movie: Scene: Title.Of.The.Movie.YEAR.Source.Codec-GROUP Carar: Title.Of.The.Movie.S00EXX.Source.Codec-GROUP @bluegrapes Sorry for hijacking your thread for my rant. Don't take my criticism too seriously and feel free to use scene's or Catar's naming standard as long as you don't include too many specials and bonus features.
  14. Somewhat related topic: As for using Catar's (actually Scene's) file-naming approach, I am not a fan of it. That naming format is intended for US TV series which has fairly different release model than Anime. Additionally, majority of anime release groups do not follow Scene's standard for video, audio or subs, so using just naming does not make much sense. This naming is beneficial for those who use specific players that rely on 'Americanized' file names, but outside of that, they could end up being misleading and arguably incorrect.
  15. On the topic of Baccano, how about including 5.1 English dub? BD releases seems to be stereo only, but Funimation DVDs contain 5.1 dub - while lossy, it could be beneficial.