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  1. Hark0n

    MPV Made Easy (Moodkiller Edition)

    I assumed that MPC-QT was already trying to do that.
  2. There are not that many "tricks" in synchronizing audio or subtitles, and the few ones I know of requires scripts. For guides and tools commonly used you can check https://yukisubs.wordpress.com/guides/ There are also some guides in Kametsu on the topic:
  3. Hark0n

    The CTR Muxing Standards Guide

    And there is a side effect (or maybe it is a feature). 'Forced' flag is prioritized over 'default' flag - if there is no track selection preferences defined by the user, track with 'forced' flag is picked. This is a non-issue for any release that has signs track flagged as 'default' but it becomes a problem otherwise (e.g. for my releases where full dialogue is track flagged as 'default'). This results in situation where an 'incorrect' setup is selected by default (JP audio and signs subtitle track) when opening the file. Obviously this can be fixed by simply adding track selection preferences, but the idea here was to provide a file with track configuration where that was not mandatory.
  4. In regards to Sailor Moon movies, here are some screenshots for comparison: I did not add Japanese and US DVDs because they have the same aspect ratio as one of the Italian DVDs, but with more compression artifacts. Could also note that the BDs have all the film grain removed, but at least it was done better than in TV series. On the down side, the better results suggests that they had better masters and could possibly have produced reasonable quality video with grain intact.
  5. I have not seen anything in Avisynth that supports HDR content, but I have not looked lately. I was able to get half-decent result with Adobe Media Encoder, but color still was not exactly as standard BD. While it shouldn't necessary match the 1080p version exactly, it makes it harder to tell what settings to use, as each had some slight differences. As for keeping "keeping the HDR colors via filters", I don't think that is even doable with x264. The color space is different and mapping that to SDR will likely not be possible (Hi444PP might help, but I am just guessing).
  6. Have you tried mpv player (https://mpv.io/)? In my experience it works better than madVR in some cases.
  7. 4K HEVC - yes. GPU is listed to have hardware decoder, so any mainstream HEVC contend should be OK HDR - no. GPU does not seem to support it (based on this and linked information https://communities.intel.com/thread/118311) AVC Hi10P - no. Might work OK-ish with 720p, but 1080p will likely have issues in scenes containing heavy action or grain
  8. That post is probably correct. I had forgotten that the US BD was not actually 5.0, but 4.0 saved as 5.0 - pretty sure that is due to DTS technical limitations (Girls und Panzer: This Is the Real Anzio Battle! did that as well) Here is the US BD menu:
  9. Those track appear to be from custom release - not lossless either In ADC comments: As a side not, Spanish versions seem to have 5.1 Japanese tracks
  10. I assume that the actual source is DTS-HD MA, as it is stated here http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/5-Centimeters-per-Second-Blu-ray/130833/
  11. Hark0n

    The CTR Muxing Standards Guide

    For and average single season show it makes no difference, but as soon as it is out of average, we get problems. For example, lest's say I want to watch Queen's Blade - it has 40 specials that I assume would all be labeled S00EXX, even though they actually include 6 episode season 'hidden' inside. If I use MPC-HC, it would play all file in alphabetical order and start with bonus feature, then "season 3", then OVAs for 3rd season (the other one), then more unrelated OVAs, and only then seasons 1 to 3. This, of course, ruins the whole intricate storytelling of the Queen's Blade and ruins the whole experience. Using more custom names with additional details might provide some help, but still I think that TVDB (and therefore filenames) failed pretty heavy there by removing a season. That is beyond the point (and I consider all that other software flawed too). I grew up without internet and only got decent access to it when I started university, so my view of things might be a little different. I don't have or need a media center - I have a desktop PC for all of that. The way I see it, one reason to have a local media archive it to remove dependency of internet connection for media consumption - I can use any device to consume the media regardless of internet connection availability. I have had experience of acquiring content on location A and the consuming it on location B, sometimes using different device (or the same device with altered setup). TL;DR I have no valid complaint against using scene-like naming standard, but I consider TVDB as unusable source for anime naming and I will not change my opinion unless they fix their DB.
  12. Hark0n

    The CTR Muxing Standards Guide

    I have no idea what you mean by this - anime is not a player. And that aside, in what way my MPC-HC makes use of the file naming? I open a file and it plays it - where does the naming part come in? So if I were to install and run them on a machine that has no internet connection, there would be no missing functionality? I assume that they still function as regular media players, but my point is about naming being 'bound' to internet connection to work as intended. I wouldn't mind having more unified standard for anime releases, but I consider TVDB to be unfit for this intention - AniDB seem to be closer to reasonable source for me, but, as you said, it does not have the software for it.
  13. Hark0n

    The CTR Muxing Standards Guide

    First, Thanks for the guide! Had a chance to learn something new - I did not know the purpose of the forced tracks (probably because I never felt the need for something like it). I could start using it for my future releases, assuming it really has no side effects. Now as for the naming thing, obviously I will have to disagree to some points there. Generally I take two issues with it: Creating a file in a way to specifically target certain playback application/setup. While naming hardly limits file usability, I still don't think it is a good practice to create sometimes confusing filenames (or any other aspect of the file) simply because it works better for some specific players. E.g. ordered chapters work perfectly fine on many popular players, but lack of support is still a reasonable argument against using them. Additionally, the playback solutions you are targeting is an online dependent, something I consider a flaw more than a feature. Enforcing a use of TVDB, a site that does not seem to have any logical naming schema for anime to begin with. I don't think I need to point this out, as you already did in opening posts, but anime industry as a whole does not follow Western TV show release practices and therefore a naming schema that was initially created for Western release schedule does not fully work for anime. For shows as a whole, they don't seem to have a clear definition on what constitutes as a season, what a special and what a separate show. For example, Naruto has 5 seasons, and these seasons have no logic based on content of the show (season ends in a middle of an arc) or its release schedule (episodes release with week apart are in different seasons). On the same note, D.Gray-man and D.Gray-man Hallow have two separate entries, but Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha only one, who decided that? As for specials, the whole thing is wrong - they list recaps, remakes, OVAs, extra episodes (usually included in BDs), movies, live events e.t.c. as specials and with episode numbers lacking any logical sequence in some cases. P.S. I made this rant as a separate post (instead of editing previous one) because it is not related to replay I made there.
  14. Hark0n

    The CTR Muxing Standards Guide

    Up until now, that release uses only IT DVD for video, but there are some very good examples for mixed video sources like Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (BD 1080p) [Judgment] I have been using multiple video sources for some of the bonus features in Bubblegum Crisis, but mostly it is single source (US BD).
  15. I am currently using Gentibus CD to keep track of my files across multiple HDDs. It allows creation of an index for any folder (while I have not tried network directories, those should also work). Afterwords you can extract it as HTML or CSV if needed. Just be careful of using thumbnails, it can slow down indexing drastically.