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  1. Hark0n

    Hark0n Release Index

    Released: Sailor Moon S: The Movie
  2. Hark0n

    MPV Made Easy (Moodkiller Edition)

    I was looking in replacing my current MPC-HC setup with variation of mpv, but I encountered and issue - I can't get desired tracks to be selected by default. Is there a way to get non-forced subtitle track to be selected by default if both tracks have the same language? For LAV I can do something like this - "jpn:eng|n", but I can't find any documentation on how to do the same on mpv.
  3. Hark0n

    Hark0n Release Index

    Released: Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Starting this release, I might change subtitle language tagging to 'eng' and 'zxx', but I don't know yet. Sadly, all approaches I have seen have flaws and this might be a bit better than the other approach I have been using - 'jpn' and 'eng'.
  4. Hark0n

    Can RWBY get its home in the Anime Section?

    I personally have never encountered the issue that you are trying to solve, so I don't see the usefulness in the solution. I am not strongly against doing it, as I rarely visit cartoon section anyways. From your description it sounds like what you what is a genre or a tag to be "upgraded" to a category and I don't see why it is necessary. Something being an anime is not defined by the content, but by origin so anything being "anime-like"/"animesque" is not only subjective but could be applied to both anime and western cartoons. I can only see more confusion due to some animation being listed under cartoons, some under animo and some listed under both.
  5. Hark0n

    Can RWBY get its home in the Anime Section?

    So you want us to make and maintain a special category for animated shows based on whether you like them or not? Does not sound very useful for the community as a whole, considering that not everyone's opinion on those select shows will align with yours.
  6. Hark0n

    Does FLAC matter?

    Lossy vs. lossless audio is not an anime specific discussion and has been around for a while with supporting arguments in each side. Searching on the net will likely get better points/arguments than what we will get here, but we can try to make this topic more anime release focused. It is "worth it" in my opinion, but each of us have different scale of values, so you will have to choose for yourself. Because of difference in opinions, some people could also be deterred from releases with FLAC instead. As far as I know, only positive aspect of lossy audio is size, while lossless guarantees the highest possible quality and to me the savings are not significant enough to justify using lossy audio.
  7. Hark0n

    Is x265 encoding worth it?

    First, that post is more than four months old now - that or you are time traveling, as you did post it here more than five months ago. As for the points made in that post, some can be debated on. Anime encodes often use 10bit AVC and it has no hardware support, while HEVC has some Encoding speed is not something that consumer should base their choice on - as long as decode is fast enough, it is not an issue. In this case though, there is no clear improvement in compression, so it is wasted time, but if there was improvement, extra time could be justified "x265 is barely understood" and "Nobody really knows how to tweak the settings for better results" are very broad statements and could easily be wrong. There are groups that have been using it for several years and likely have some knowledge about how to tweak the settings for better results That all being said, I am not in favor of HEVC, I am simply stating that some points used to dismiss it in past may have changed over time. As for HDR, to me it seems like a mess of 6 (or more) different standards that have different capabilities, prices and users (BDs use one, streaming uses another and HDTV use yet another one). Some of those supposedly can work on even AVC. Because most HDR standards require hardware support, it might be best to wait until industry has "settled down" and are no longer releasing new ones.
  8. Hark0n

    Audio help syncing to 24p content

    That is interesting, to me it looks that episode preview (first 20 s) and OP requires the same delay but it goes OOS right after OP, requiring delay of about -1.126 s. Or maybe we are looking at different episodes. I was not referring to just delays, but to edits (cutting and inserting parts) of the audio track - depending on differences, it might be necessary. Anyways, the issue you are having is not caused by speed change alone. As your work with first 2 episodes suggests, frame-rate change issue can be resolved with speed adjustment in mkvtoolnix, but it did not work for episode 3, so it is clearly something else. At this point, I don't believe there to be any other solution besides using a delay or an edit. Using audio editor is not the only way of getting delay value, but it is more precise and therefore the most often recommended.
  9. Hark0n

    Audio help syncing to 24p content

    It getting out of sync very quickly suggests different delay or a cut instead of speed difference. It is different situation when comparing to your name as Sailor Moon was produced on film and then transferred to video for broadcast, and now remastered from different sources (based on visual quality). From MPC:HC I also get "Scan order: 2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:3 Pulldown" which suggest that it is an interlaced/telecine video created from 24 fps progressive source. As for audio speed differences, based on my test there are non in SuperS first episode (episode 128). Japanese audio matches with cuts alone and there is no speed difference in songs for English track either (or the difference is ~100 times smaller than it would be from 23.976 -> 24 conversion).
  10. Hark0n

    Audio help syncing to 24p content

    Based on my experience from working with 1st season, I would recommend you to verify if there even is a speed difference in the two sources. I did not see any in the 1st season, and all differences were due to edits throughout the episode, but it could be different with SuperS. Regardless of speed difference, there is fairly high chance of additional cuts due to usage of different masters (as far as we know they differ between US and IT versions), so I don't think mkvtoolnix alone will be enough and you will have to use audio editor.
  11. Hark0n

    Hark0n Release Index

    Released: Sailor Moon R: The Movie Worst audio sync nightmare I have ever had
  12. Hark0n

    G4560 for high quality 1080p Hi10p anime

    I was referring to live action movies encodes in this case, as I have not yet seen any anime encode with bit rate that high, but there are 4K releases as Koby already mentioned. Anything originally made on film could be re-scanned in 4K as long as the film is still available - Ghost in the Shell will be getting 4K BD this month and that could get close to 50 Mb/s (if the film grain is retained). Whether any specific anime is worth being released in 4K or HDR is a different question.
  13. Hark0n

    G4560 for high quality 1080p Hi10p anime

    For a 4K content this would not be much of a stretch. There are already encodes out there with more than 50Mb/s bit rate, but those are still 10bit h265, so hardware decoders could handle them. All anime encoders need to do is bump that to 12bit or switch to AV1 and we could again have releases not supported by hardware decoders for a while. Though if you are not going for 4K content, this should not affect your hardware choices.
  14. Hark0n

    Avisynth Script Help?

    I checked and it is possible to get the desired result using ColorMatrix, but I can't say if it is the best way to do it. By default it uses "Rec.709->Rec.601" mode (see documentation), so it does not need to be specified and 2 calls of the function should get the colors as in bottom picture. The example uses imagesource, which will not work with m2ts file, so you will have to provide some additional information about which media file filter you are using. Something like LWLibavVideoSource("path\to\file\00000.m2ts") ColorMatrix().ColorMatrix() could do the trick (links to filters can be found in http://avisynth.nl/index.php/External_filters)
  15. Hark0n

    MPV Made Easy (Moodkiller Edition)

    I assumed that MPC-QT was already trying to do that.