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  1. How to make "Ordered chapter" release?

    In theory yes, but to do this correctly one would need a source with: key-frames right before and right after OP/ED (assuming AVC or HEVC codec) lossless audio (might work for lossy, but could have problems splitting in needed points) Here are some guides that might help - https://yukisubs.wordpress.com/guides/ Key points compared to normal chapter creation are: Edition needs to be marked as 'Ordered' Each chapter needs end time Chapters that uses external files need to have 'Segment UID' corresponding to that file I would personally not recommend using segment linking unless other options are worse. Usually the only benefit is some space saving and it could be pain to deal with when trying to update the release. See this rant for more details:
  2. For Yumekui Merry I have 720p dual-audio remux that uses encode by AcDie and I could share it if someone is interested. I did it about 3 years ago and can't remember why I used AcDie instead of Yousei-raws (maybe I wanted 720p version).
  3. BDs are not out yet for these, so 1080p FLAC releases will not be available. BD release dates from AniDB:
  4. Madoka Magica

    In regards to TV series, you are correct, but not necessary for the movies (which is what I was referring to). Quick comparison I did suggested that Italian BDs were not superior for the movies, and that the same encode might have been used in both BDs. The comparison I did was not extensive, so I could be wrong, but I don't have the sources anymore so I can't redo it. As for the TV series, the Italian BDs again are not entirely the best option - they applied pretty strong debanding filtering which causes notable detail loss in some scenes. Meguka used mixed sources, but I don't know to what extent - the 'Magia' ED is from Japanese BD (except episode 07), but I am not sure if anything else is. @_Akshay_ If you are going with Coalgirls, you won't have English audio (unless you do a remux).
  5. Madoka Magica

    For Madoka it does not matter much, as it was released by Aniplex - about the same (or the exact same) video in JP and US releases. Raizel's release is a remux, not a re-encode. As a side note, Meguca's and Raizel's releases both include Japanese commentary tracks, but no subtitles for them. tri4 did translation for commentary and most of bonus/extra features, but their release (supposedly) has inferior video, audio and main sub quality. I would suggest going with Coalgirls' 1080p if you want a consistent resolution - Baal's release lists Coalgirls as video source, so it is unlikely that their 720p would look better than their 1080p release. Also, the English audio is lossy in the source, so no FLAC for it:
  6. Gundam Requests

    Most (if not all) of BluDragon's latest releases are available at HD-Torrents. Old releases are most likely lost together with the fall of direct download sites like Megaupload.
  7. Storage Solution's ?

    The short version is that the site "went down" within few days and took terabytes/petabytes of user uploaded data with it. All data lost with no hope of retrieval and owner spent several years in trial (I am not sure if it is resolved yet) while creating MEGA in spare time. This whole incident is likely the main reason for data encryption on MEGA - site owner can't be held responsible, because they can't verify user uploaded content. Still, US government and copyright holders will find a way to take it down if they so choose.
  8. Storage Solution's ?

    Are you familiar with events surrounding Megaupload (MEGA predecessor)?
  9. Drifters Season 1 [Blu Ray] [720p] [Dual Audio]

    From what I can tell (no research done on my part), episodes 10, 11 and 12 already had a different version on the JP BD comparing to TV and I would expect that US DB release uses this changed version (have not verified). The 2 new episodes (13 and 14) supposedly will be released at the end of this year (Dec 23). If Funi does not plan to do new release with updated episodes for season one, it makes even more reason to do release using current source, as there will be nothing to upgrade to. This is an interesting argument from the creator of LostYears, considering that all releases there are gonna be obsolete in fairly short period of time. Clearly, there is an audience for it, regardless how "archivers" might look at them. In other words, I don't think there is a good reason for not doing a release now, besides need of a good encode (which is not a problem if one plans to do their own) and maybe Some-Stuff subs (could use different source if needed). Not saying that someone specifically has to do it, but it could be done.
  10. Drifters Season 1 [Blu Ray] [720p] [Dual Audio]

    It has been an open request on project excel for a while. I did not seen any good 1080p encodes at first glance (there is a 720p one from Winter), so that could slow down the progress.
  11. The k-timing is based on line start time, so if you shift that, the the effects timing also should be shifted with it and likely become incorrect (if it was correct before). If your k-timing uses basic karaoke (\k, \K, \kf, \ko) than changing first effect time should be enough. So if you added some lead-in time, add separate "{\k<lead-in>}" (use your lead-in in centiseconds - e.g. "{\k100}") in the beginning of each affected line to fix the issue. Note that if you also did keyframe snapping, the lead-in might not constant to all lines and you might need to adjust the time used. I don't think there is an easy way to automate this process. Yes, better to do line timing before. Yes it does. It's intended for fansubbers/translators who create the initial script - if the original script is good, remuxers should not be required to add lead-ins but might need to do keyframe snapping. For basic karaoke this should be pretty simple, as I suggested, but if you are working with more advanced animation (aka kfx), this might get pretty complex. I am not the most knowledgeable about Aegisub, but I hope this helps.
  12. Nozomi Aria Upscale Screenshots

    Nozomi is the one with hardcoded text "Nozomi" (it was like that in screenshots they provided). While picture 1 and 3 is arguably better in Nozomi's release, I would disagree in regards to picture 2 - it has visible aliasing in the clothing (something that should have been fixed before sharpening and line darkening was applied). Also, as far as I am concerned, sharpening, line darkening and high contrast is not always an improvement. Currently I consider DVD to be a better source in terms of picture quality, but DVD has compression artifacts in some parts and Nozomi's release is not out yet (it could look different in the end), so we will likely need to do another comparison later. 2 more screenshots: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/124244
  13. Nozomi Aria Upscale Screenshots

    For anyone wondering how this compares to JP DVD: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/124214 In the comparison NOZOMI is cropped and upscaled (note that the source is jpg), while DVD is cropped, upscaled and has anti-aliasing applied.
  14. Reencoding and PAL Acceleration (Anime)

    It is somewhat unusual that this is 50 frames and not fields per second - progressive broadcasts should not be using 50 frames, but I could be wrong as I have no experience in broadcast capture. Not sure what you used to change the framerate to 25fps, but looking at the video, it seems that most of the frames are repeated twice, so the video could be simply decimated to 25fps. Simple AviSynth script: LWLibavVideoSource("D:\path\to\file\2017-10-23-1746-30.mp4")#Load video TDecimate(cycleR=1, cycle=2)#Decimate - drop duplicate frames Trim(459,34612)#Cut off excess footage AssumeFPS(24000,1001)#Change to NTSC speed (remove this if not needed) Spline36Resize(1280,720)#Change resolution Adjust path to source file and save the script with ".avs" extension. Encoding can be done with MeGUI (link) - just load the avs script (it should do a preview when loading script) and choose encoding settings. I don't use MeGUI or x265 so I can't help much in there.
  15. Hark0n Release Index

    Project started: Sailor Moon Expected completion time: 2018 Note that it is only season 1 - I might do other seasons, but that has not been decided yet. In regards to Noein, it is on hold until I get JP DVDs (assuming I get them). IT DVD suffers from blended frames/fields - level of detail is higher than UK BD, but blended frames make it unusable for 'mixed source' encode, which was the whole point.