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  1. I've been noticing that Sentai and Funimation have been snapping up any and every anime imaginable lately and some even before they've aired in Japan. I'm worried that there will be a repeat of the anime bust that damn near left anime in North America in an unrecoverable situation. Granted, they're licensing much better shows than some that ADV and the other former companies had in the past (Yumeria anyone? Yousuke Kuroda is my boy but even I was like "What is the point of this show?") What is concerning me is seeing shows that are dubbed but I know that they are not going to bring in a wide audience which is a waste of finances in dubbing them (even if the dubbing is done in-house). Also, some of these prices are killing me. Pscho Pass S1 going for $160 retail? I understand that it's a special edition box set and all but seriously? And $65 retail each for Parts 1 & 2? Again, I understand the costs of production and also the fact that they are BluRay/DVD bundles but still. Who is paying those prices? Did they not learn from the craziness that was Bandai Visual's pricing? I know ya'll remember the cost of those Patlabor and Freedom BluRays & DVD's. I won't even go into the 50 million different variations that Bandai would put out a single volume on dvd for Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. It was criminal...
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    After having been in the Cartoon World Forum, I'm excited to be here at Kametsu. Thanks for having me.
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