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  1. I just finished Juno like 20 minutes ago.
  2. Well... this most certainly would be helpful!
  3. Well, I'm 17, but can grow quite a massive beard within a week. Unfortunately, the school I attend does not allow facial hair whatsoever, so I'm shaving like every other day (and even then, it's REALLY pushing it). During the summer (and when I graduate), I'll be shaving my neck every-, maybe every-other, day, but I'll let everything on my face just grow out. In case you're wondering, I also shave downstairs; I don't want a garden around my tree. O_o I also shave the back of my neck and the top of my chest (just what connects with my neck); yes, I'm a pretty hairy individual. My friends call me Wookie.
  4. Wish I had the time and patience (and, since it's been a while, the skill ). I'd say go with a lighter skin; I've grown to like them a bit more than the darker skins, unless you're dealing with a horror-based site or something. Good luck finding something, Koby.
  5. Semishadow


    Hey, I think I remember your name from, well... quite some time ago. Welcome back.
  6. Well, when it came out, Oblivion had some pretty sick graphics. Mass Effect also had really nice graphics... I haven't really played any PS3 games though, and I hear Sony has some insane-looking games on their console, so I can't really say. Out of everything I've played, though, I'd probably go with Mass Effect (PC). Edit: Assassin's Creed looked pretty nice, too, IMO.
  7. Currently: Fallout 3 Left 4 Dead Mass Effect I was playing Spore for a while, but it's re-playability is not nearly as high as I thought it would be. O_o
  8. Wow, that's lame. I remember using SmartFTP way back when... Hmph. Everybody just wants to make money nowadays. O_o I'm with Mujklob; I'd go with FireFTP. I've used it once or twice, and it's not bad, I didn't think. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/684
  9. Wow, nice. As with both of you, wish I had the cash. O_o Still, you'd probably come out better building your own. It tends to be a lot cheaper.
  10. Bush isn't that bad, really. I'll probably get flamed for saying this, but I sort of like the guy. But, anyway... Drop 'em, Koby!
  11. You know, I have been thinking of doing a horizontal layout for the LONGEST time, but I could never really think of a means of successfully implementing one. I'd say you did a pretty good job; I love the whole retro/scene feel to it (what with the scratched out eyes and such). I'm eager to see a working demo.
  12. Heyyy, how's it going? Good to have you back.
  13. Cool. Looks like I'm pretty fast.
  14. Hmm... Lately, I've downloaded The Tantrum Castle by The Ready Set, A Fire So Big the Heavens Can See It by Search the City, and Someday Came Suddenly by Attack Attack! (great band, by the way, if you've never heard of them and are into metalcore/post-hardcore/electronica stuff ). I don't really buy many albums anymore, though. Out of a job, so... Cash flow is a little short.
  15. Haha, I would assume any type of music is allowed.
  16. Well, I know what you mean by not being focused on any one particular thing anymore, but the forums still have that air about them, if you know what I mean... I mean, sure, you can talk about any game, but the banners and such always feature anime and/or Final Fantasy characters, so that in itself gives the forums that sort of feel to it. Plus, I remember back when FM was almost purely focused on Final Fantasy, so I guess I'll always think of it that way. About the members... What I meant was that old members not wanting to post deal with the same reasons new people will not BECOME members. Even old members aren't going to want to post if nobody else is around to talk to. Like you said... It's extremely contradicting. I wish I had some brilliant idea that would save this place, I really do; unfortunately, as you may have guessed by now, I do not. This place is wrapped in a paradox that it may never escape; indeed, the paradox itself is blocking the escape. The way I see it, everybody needs to basically think of this as a forum just starting up. How did you build the original Forgotten Memories forums up to what they were? You know, WAY back when this place had, I don't know... Was it thousands of posts per day? I don't remember. You know what I'm talking about, though, I hope. Anyway, everybody is going to have to see this as a new forum, not a forum that was once great but has since diminished. Otherwise, I don't think Kametsu will ever revive. Unfortunately, I know you've tried everything you can think of, Koby; quite frankly, I'm surprised the free downloads didn't work. When you first brought up the idea, I thought that would bring people flocking. I guess Warez sites and torrents are just too popular nowadays, though. The only thing I could really think of is to make a full-blown Warez section on the site; include spots for games, movies, software, etc. This would, however, be extremely illegal and could potentially get some people -- namely yourself -- into a lot of trouble. It just seems like all people are interested in is free, well... free whatever. I can honestly say I've spent MUCH more time on Warez sites in the last six months than any sort of forum for just talking. The only time I really even post on forums anymore is to give a "thanks" for downloading music or a game or whatever. Again, sorry I'm not much help in the matter. I just can't think of anything you haven't already tried that could really give this place the boost it needs. =/
  17. Another revision: 1) Attack Attack! 2) Nevershoutnever! 3) Dance Gavin Dance 4) Vanna 5) I See Stars Or something like that.
  18. Hmm... Well, hello. Long time, no see. Well... I'm really sorry about this. I mean... Okay, I don't exactly post here anymore, so I guess I would be part of the problem, but... I don't know. I would still hate to see FM buried. To be completely honest, I'm just not that interested in gaming anymore... At least, not anything Final Fantasy related. I've also never really been into anime, and I've kind of stopped with the web-/graphic-design for the past year or so. I guess this isn't the most helpful thread, but that's really why I stopped coming. That and a steady increase in life outside the 'net... People started getting cars and whatnot. I do miss this place sometimes, though. I was just thinking about FM yesterday. Then I checked my e-mail just a while ago and saw your e-mail sitting there. Anyway, I guess... I guess people just don't really want to post in a dead forum, you know? Even if one or two or even three people started posting more, it would still be pretty dead. In order to bring Kametsu back to life, I think you'd probably have to get a huge group of people to start actively posting again. Unfortunately, I don't think many of the older members here have that much time on their hands anymore. I know I don't. I'm sorry to hear this, Koby. If there's anything you'd like me to help with, hit me on MSN sometime (I don't think you're on my new account; [email protected]). I'll talk to you later, man.
  19. I agree with Koby. The top is definitely the best, though the text could use some work. I like the effect you have on it though; good job.
  20. I haven't been here in... forever. I just have too much other stuff to keep up with. I'm sort of short on time (meaning... I only read a few replies), so I'm sorry if this has been said, but you could make the downloads a sort of members-only feature where people have to have so many posts to access the forum. I mean, I guess that COULD just make people download less but, to be perfectly honest, it's not like you're really losing anything. That's really the only idea I have... I'm not sure how other forums get so many members -- I've tried my hand at many forums and none have ever had more than like... two active members. xD So I'm probably not the best person to be giving advice on stuff like this. You could try adding more downloads while implementing my previous idea. Boards that actually give away layouts and stuff in exchange for posts seem to be a lot more active than simply discussion forums for, well... for obvious reasons. Sorry I don't really contribute to the post-count on here. It's just, as someone before me said, difficult when there are never any new posts.
  21. I must admit, I've seen some pretty good bands in this topic. Okay, a revision: 1) Dance Gavin Dance 2) Vanna 3) Chiodos [All's Well That Ends Well -- nothing from their newest album or The Chiodos. Bros.] 4) Saosin [mostly their newer stuff] 5) In Fear and Faith I dunno... The last three are just sort of there. The first two are the only two that I can actually call my favorites. I also like bands like Alesana, Sky Eats Airplane, Haste the Day, Underoath, Emanuel -- really just any post-hardcore or metalcore stuff.
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