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  1. So What does everyone think of the Fourth series of Yu-Gi-Oh so far? I think it is an improvement on the last series, I had trouble enjoying 5D's. To me Zexal combines all the mystery of the original series with comedy and fun from GX.
  2. I like the new Thundercats series, to me it has a better story line than the original and the character design are more realistic.
  3. falcon294

    One Piece

    Freeze Freeze Fruit, would be my created fruit, and my choice, with the power to freeze all, I could freeze the water and walk from island to island.
  4. I think that Viz has done a good job with dubbing Naruto Shippuuden, as for the quality of each actors performance, that rests on each voice actor and actresses own shoulders.
  5. Nanao is not the only Lt. whose swrod is a mystery, how about squad 12 and squad 11. Nemu (squad 12 Lt) never carries a sword, and as for Yachiru (squad 12 Lt) she just drags it around with her. these two are as difficult to guess on as far as there zanpaktuo's powers and shape, as Nanao is. I keep hope in each new battle that one of them will finally be revealed but so far no luck.
  6. I don't know about power, but I think that Kenpachi's Bankai should be a broad sword with jagged edge for cutting deep, I think it would fit his personality and his fighting spirit. By the way on a similar subject has anyone every seen his LT. release her sword. If so what was its power?
  7. I think Gin should not die! at least not yet, because he is the question mark character. What I mean is you can not read him, and you only get to know as he wants you to know about him. That makes it hard to call him good or bad, or to know if he is truly loyal to Aizen or just playing him. I think we have to wait and see what he does later in the story line before deciding if he should die or not!
  8. So a One Piece Dynasty Warriors Game. Run around and Gum Gum Pistol the enemy. Sounds like Fun!!!
  9. Soulcaliber V sounds great. But didn't they say something about ending the story line in the last game??
  10. I think the fact that they demoted the second game to the PSP after a successful release on the PS3, probably caused a major reducing in sales, which is why they are unsure about releasing the third game here in the U.S. I think they need to back up and release a PS3 version of the second game and then hopeful do a release of the third game on both systems.
  11. Marvel vs. Capcom always a good combo, I just wish they would try expanding the idea by adding Mortal Kombat or Dragonball Z characters to the game, or both would make a interesting fatal four-way game.
  12. If you use any of the Cheat Codes you wont be able to get any of the trophies.
  13. In reference to Kingdom Hearts III, I have heard that the game is on Hiatus because Square Enix, is to busy with there current Final Fantasy Projects, other Kingdom Heart games for (PSP or NDS), and other games. best estimate I have heard is maybe 2013 release, but I doubt it!!!
  14. I am still questioning if I should get XIII-2 because XIII was a pain to play with, how hard they made it to collect GIL and Upgrade your weapons and Accessories. Can Someone tell me if they at least changed that in the new game?
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