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  1. punkmoo

    Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    I just finished Syncing all the Broadcast audio from episode 40 to 291 perfectly to my R2J Dragon Boxes, Any chance someone can edit and sync episodes 1 to 39 to the dragon box and upload the audio files because they were in sync to the level sets they are much harder to sync up and my computer is on its last legs.
  2. This is Kei17's audio! So awesome that this is released. If anyone on the forum has this torrent already finished any chance of a Mega folder with just the Japanese broadcast audio from this release.
  3. Gosh I go away for a week and this goes down, one thing I'd like to know about this new EU law is it for people seeding or downloading as well?
  4. punkmoo


    This poll kinda shocked me, I own all the releases listed bar the rock the dragon set...which I want at somepoint. The only DB dvds that are on display are my R2J Dragon Boxes (5) and The R1 Dboxz. That remminds me I'dd kill for the other four dragon boxes to get an offical english release
  5. Me too it was that Teknoman that got me watching in 96 then I saw gundam and dragon ball from that point it was off to the races from there.