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    • Did you remux your cardcaptors remasters? I was hoping you'd release them by the end of the year *fingers crossed*
  1. Hey, do you still have Madman's edited DBZ tapes?

    1. DragoonClawNZ


      No idea if they're still uploaded, but I'll have a look today.

    2. chris191


      Hi, I would like to have this if possible or a link please?

  2. Any idea where I could get Dragon Ball Z VHS rips episode 180-276? I'm looking to remaster some Ocean stuff.

    1. Arian


      I know you didn't ask me, but I'm going to be posting very high quality stereo rips of those episodes later this month, so just sit tight and follow this thread:



    2. SylentEcho
  3. Hey! Do you know guesstimate dates on when you might upload the episodes of the level sets that weren't released on Bluray? 

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