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  1. Pianoman11

    Hi there

    Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself
  2. ok but will take some time IcePuppy67: Would you believe I PMed Pika about it recently too? Funny how great minds think alike Pika: Take your time, just let us know when it is ready to go. Cannot wait to finally see season 2
  3. Pianoman11

    New site in the works

    Loving this. Looks like a great idea. I hope that I will get an invite if/when it opens
  4. Pianoman11

    Paypal has once again blocked us

    Damn PayPal! The other thing is if the companies made shows available outside of the US then maybe this would not be an issue. For example I watch Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal II, however it now only airs new episodes on Hulu. Being that I am not in the US I am unable to watch them as Hulu doesn't make itself available outside of the US. I really hope that we do not lose this. This is the only access I have to these shows. The work you guys do is awesome! On the PayPal freezing the money in the account is there any legal recourse that can be taken? From how I understand it these are legally obtained funds. Therefore they have no right to seize them. If you ask me I think companies like Funimation, etc, are to paraphrase "in bed" with PayPal. They know that a lot of sites like this use PayPal so what better way to eliminate them by hitting where it hurts the most......the wallet. Even if you have no recourse I think the donors do. Fact is they transferred their money to you and now PayPal is refusing to let it be used for the reasons it was transferred. Just my opinions. I just don't want to lose this site like we lost C-W.
  5. Pianoman11

    Sing a Song for the Pianoman!

    Hey there everyone! I migrated here from Cartoon World and look forward to having a great time here. Thank you and I look forward to meeting all of you.