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  1. Avatar: The Last Airbender HD WEB-DL

    There's a thread with the episodes. I don't have it followed anymore. I finished the series download about two weeks ago.
  2. Any encoders able to take this challenge on?
  3. Spy Groove

    Hello all! I was wondering if there are any decent quality Rips of the series Spy Groove (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spy_Groove). It was another one of those single season MTV animated series that was a gem. Here is an episode on YouTube with less than desirable quality:
  4. Part 1 (Released a while ago) https://www.amazon.ca/Dragon-Ball-Kai-Final-Chapters/dp/B01MR7O2Z3/ Part 2 (recently released) https://www.amazon.ca/Dragon-Ball-Kai-Chapters-Limited/dp/B06X1GFVHZ/ I am really hoping someone produces a 1080p H264/H265 MKV BluRay Rip with lossless sound of the dub (as I realize due to the extra episodes in the English run that it's impossible to do dual language tracks.) Please someone hit us up with some super high quality versions of the series. (All I have been able to fnd is the worst versions of TV Rips. Which are very poor to say the least,)
  5. [AMAZON Prime] Tom and Jerry Classics

    I second this request. The new series on Netflix (I believe) uses "camera panning" to remove all the "violence" as if you were covering your eyes constantly when watching the originals.
  6. 1080p/720p version of TFS Dragon Ball Z abridged S1

    Team Four Star did not produce the older episodes at a higher quality because when they started - YouTube had quality limits. It's only as they reached the beginning of the Android Saga they started upping the resolution. You need to talk to Team Four Star to see if they still have the Production Copies of their work in order to process a slightly higher quality. Maybe 5 to 10 years from now when they are finished the series and for some reason choose NOT to continue onto Super (extremely unlikely) they can use Kai footage to re-do the Abridged series in 1080p. However, that is extremely unlikely as well. The short version is unless you have a spare few million in your pocket to finance the Team Four Star project, you get what you get from a small group who cannot monetize their finished product.
  7. i509VCB... don't suppose you have an HDPrivateHD invite to spare? (I am not an encoder usually but I still have all the tools for ISO conversion.)
  8. Digimon Adventure Tri (English Dub) BluRay 1080p HQ

    At this point, the iTunes would be a welcome rip. I am in the struggle about leaving my copy sealed.
  9. Digimon Adventure Tri (English Dub) BluRay 1080p HQ

    Is it true that you will be doing an encode???
  10. I have BluRay on pre-order! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06VSW8VLQ https://www.amazon.com/Digimon-Adventure-Tri-Determination-Blu-ray/dp/B0711CPGYL/
  11. Digimon Adventure Tri (English Dub) BluRay 1080p HQ

    I do not support Apple. They remotely turned my iPod into a paper weight via iTunes because they fell my unit was too old at the time. Furthermore, its become common knowledge that Shout Factory excludes digital releases for important tracking purposes. Plus, they almost never release anything on iTunes. Finally, since they only contracted Toei for 3 of the 6 movies, we want to impress them. These "free" digital versions tend to be poorly encoded and playback poorly compared to the rips.
  12. Hello all, https://www.shoutfactory.com/film/action-adventure/digimon-adventure-tri-reunion I am hoping that someone out there will be encoding the BluRay versions in the highest quality/bitrate 1080p (as close to lossless video and audio as possible) when this comes out. Our media computer doesn't have a disc drive anymore (in favor of a smaller case.) So, my copy will be living in plastic seal (I have to support this in hopes all 6 features are dubbed.)
  13. It's not on Amazon for pre-order so where is this date coming from?
  14. Does it even matter? For people like myself who were too far from a Theater to see it. There is 0 announcement for the dub to hit any service (ie. Crunchy Roll.)