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  1. To All those that have inboxed me and commented on topics of mine and i havent bothered responding. i apologise. will start being more active on this forum once again. In the process of replying to those messages as we speak

  2. ISP Troubles :( First ISP says they are limiting download speed from my seedbox as it is against the uncapped usage policy. 2nd ISP shapes everything today going from 10mbps to under 1mbps because i downloaded 300gb in last 10 days... im paying "$90"pm for umetered internet that is metered #FML

    1. Koby


      I pay $50 for 300GB a month cap on a 50Mb/s connection.

    2. Mr.Waddles


      haha sorry this rant is geared more towards people outside the US coz i know u guys are abused by ur ISP's thinks its time warner and err comcast. Think google fibre is the best over there tho. my rant is geared towards everyone else like users in netherlands that pay next to nothing for 100/100mbit fibre and uncapped :(

  3. Ok so along with XDCC bot i am going to reupload all my files to MEGA. its 950GB and mega only uploads at +-3MBps so its gonna take a while. Please be patient. No sure which order i should upload in first

    1. Collector


      Hi....thnx for all ur and ur group's uploads...special thnx for Scooby doo mystery inc....:)...

      had a ques: whats ur XDCC bot name? is it on Kametsu?

      nd hav a request too....:)......The Scooby-Doo Show of 1976....at least season 2....

      This show's 1st and 3rd seasons were only released on dvd.....the 2nd season hasnt...

      but the 1st and 3rd season rips available around are also having an issue of audio syncing...

      so it would be verrry much appreciated if y...

  4. Sigh Netload upload speed = 11MBPS, Firedrive upload speed = 11MBPS, Mega upload speed = 3MBPS :(

    1. Arian


      Yeah, but Netload is crap for downloading files.

    2. Mr.Waddles


      lol im aware thats why im dropping them. im just commenting from an uploaders perspective

  5. Posted topic requesting users to test download speeds of three filehosts - http://forums.kametsu.com/index.php?/topic/42816-testing-filehosts/

  6. BTW i know most of u hate netload. I will be uploading to other sites i just need to decide which ones. Just getting all my "Encodes" uploaded to netload first and posted here. Im thinking about uploading to usenet as well.... Any thoughts?

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    2. Mr.Waddles


      @eonjone. i dont understand ur question. Do u mean how long does it take to upload 900GB or how long do filehosts keep 900gb on there server? Think it would take about a week to upload 900gb. i have a dedicated server with 100mbit line

    3. EonJone


      IS dedicated server have limit to download/upload in months ??

    4. Mr.Waddles


      @eon. Nope its unmetered/unlimited/uncapped

  7. Uploading Planet Sheen S01 720/1080p WEB-DL tmrw

  8. Will be uploading Gravity Falls Season 2 WEB-DL when it starts in August

  9. anybody looking for dedicated server to encode and or setup as seedbox? im hiring server and 2 users have dropped out recently and i cannot cover costs alone so need some people to join me :(

  10. Soooo netload about to expire.. i know everyone wants me to use mega but they are so expensive 20 Euros a month! :(

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    2. Seeker


      Ah, got it. And yeah, reuploading a Tb is probably gonna be problematic. How good is your upload speed?

    3. Mr.Waddles


      the upload speed is not an issue. have 100mbit line. its just the month price for premium mega

    4. Tsu.Ku.Yo.Mi


      I have fiber optic yet upload speed is shit trying to upload stuff to many sites. But I guess it depends on region and what internet service people use.

  11. what a crap month. 10meg line been syncing at 1.5meg since the 17th and yesterday my SSD with my OS dies. WTF

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    2. Tanis


      Call up your ISP and see if they're fucking things up.

    3. Eileen


      >I thought SSD Drives were supposed to be the end of failing drives?

      lolnope. If anything, the live even less than HDDs

    4. Mr.Waddles


      @Tanis. Been tweeting them and shitting on them since the 20th they keep giving me the same response saying they will look into it.

      @agekindly and @Eileen. This is first time SSD has failed on me. ive had 2 others before