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  1. i'd like to 2nd this request
  2. RSS feed doesn't work

    RSS works now. thx
  3. Dragon Ball Super

    is the Toonami Asia dub going to be any good? i remember the Fairy Tail dub wasn't
  4. RSS feed doesn't work

    thx anyway. i'll just bookmark my page and check up on it
  5. RSS feed doesn't work

    i'm using opera mail and nothing shows up
  6. i tried adding the RSS feed from my activity stream but it doesn't work. i haven't gotten 1 update so far
  7. Last Manga You Read

    Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack of the Titans) every chapter is better then the last
  8. i thought the ending was great. they were all becoming too powerful to keep the story going. Sping 2015 is suppose to have some mini's to look forward to too
  9. Hunter X Hunter 2011

    One Piece is awesome
  10. Hunter X Hunter 2011

    is there any news on it being dubbed?
  11. Anime You've Recently Completed?

    From the New World one of the most complete animes i've ever seen
  12. Anime You've Recently Completed?

    Attack of the Titans part 1. it was awesome. never degrades in art, animation or story
  13. Anime You've Recently Completed?

    i finished watch Yamata's First time. really funny
  14. Naruto manga ending?

    i don't think he'll just recycle the same idea again. the world outside the island could be like anything. there's also the dimension where the tailed beast come from
  15. Naruto manga ending?

    i don't think that fight matters anymore. both of them are brothers in another life and neither like war. i was thinking since we saw the sage of the six paths and his mother that maybe Naruto would continue outside the island to maybe were the six sages's mother came from It's going to happen... Kishi said it himself in an interview less than 3 months ago that the series will rap up with sasuke vs naruto did he say it's going to happen soon? they could still explore the rest of the world. where the Six Sages mother came from