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  1. The Walking Dead (TV Series)

    Lol. Negan will be in this upcomming episode. And supposely we're going to get a glimpse of Lucilles backstory. I hope I spelled the bat's name right.
  2. The Walking Dead (TV Series)

    It's actually getting better. According to the producer that was on Talking Dead one Sunday, said that all of Season 8 is going to be nothing but action cause this is the "Negan War" arch. Also according to the producer there will be a FTWD and TWD crossover. They're not sure if that episode will be at the end of Season 8 or the beginning of Season 9.
  3. Kametsu TV (Youtube)

    I think I will go ahead and do it. I basically gotten permission from three staff members. But, before I do. I am hoping to sit with the staff somehow and go over rules. The problem is trying to talk to staff since some use IRC and others on here. That's tough. lol
  4. Kametsu TV (Youtube)

    Yes, I know what you mean and I have made an example video that should help atleast a little. I am not here to quote users without asking of course. That's why I mentioned that I would take ideas that users may have. I'm not wanting to cause trouble and I do know the rules on Youtube. Example Video
  5. Kametsu TV (Youtube)

    Yes, I will be doing that aswell. I will be also looking at ideas thrown out there by everyone.
  6. Kametsu TV (Youtube)

    Hey everyone. I decided to do a project for Kametsu. A Youtube channel sort of like Lost Pause. The videos will be like episodes. Here are some examples: Episode 1 - Introduction An episode where I introduce the site and group telling what we do. Episode 2 - Anime Reviews An episode where I read reviews written by users or admins of Kametsu. So if you think this is a good idea, then feel free to vote.
  7. The Walking Dead (TV Series)

    According to the comics it will get better. I can't wait to see how they will do with "The Whispers" story.
  8. Fairy Tail

    It's actually a backstory on how Fairy Tail got started. The episodes begins at 266 and ends at 277.
  9. Virus problem

    I tried Norton one year and it found 1,000 viruses then I tried AVG and it found over 2,000 more that Norton didn't find
  10. Virus problem

    Eww Norton. They charge for live updates unless they changed
  11. The Walking Dead (TV Series)

    Cool. Wasn't sure since my DVD is over on my bookshelf. Lol. I thought Season 2 of FTWD was over?
  12. The Walking Dead (TV Series)

    October 16 according to my sixth season DVD case.