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  1. The people who did CCleaner have Recuva which works pretty well. https://www.ccleaner.com/recuva
  2. h.264 doesn't support hdr, but is overall well known and can deliver near lossless encodes. h.265 supports hdr, but isn't well know so re-encoding in h.265 can give worse results.
  3. Here's a news report from 2016 on the Florida Red-Tide And here's a 2018 vlog
  4. Anyone else now getting limited mega accounts when signing up?. 15 GB's base w/ 35 GB's for 1 month. Looking like mega.nz's on the way out, anyone have alternatives with easy signup, long retention, and ability to import links ?.
  5. Unless your coping to a raid I'd suggest just adding the CRC32 to the filenames. RapidCRC - http://rapidcrc.sourceforge.net/
  6. It comes back March 11th. http://sjk.derpynews.com/samurai-jack-season-5-begins-march-11th/
  7. Have you tried using the MPC-HC for the MKVs? It is one of the best video-playing software, but it comes with a small price though. You can't play videos with Windows Media Player as long as the MPC-HC is active.

    ^ This isn't normal you should be able to use MPC-HC and WMP, check to make sure you don't have a virus.



  8. @Koby Any chance you can make it so unregistered users can't read any thread names or authors in the Content Distro section?. Was browsing the forum only to notice I wasn't logged in and was viewing user posts in the Archives sub-category.
  9. It's not cartoons these days, it's that tools like flash have made cartoons so easy to make giant TV networks can just get unskilled animation students to crap out the latest episodes of shows like: 12 oz. Mouse or Pickle and Peanut. If we don't want crap cartoons we need to stop watching the ones that are, and start ones that are truly amazing like: Commander Clark, Steven Universe, Regular Show, and Star vs the Forces of Evil. Heck even the 2012 Littlest Pet Shop series was pretty cool how it established a primarily pescetarian culture that stewards over the animal kingdom. kinda bummed to hear in our would a species of rat just went extinct, and before you say who cares about rats? normal rats are amazing pets and don't have the smell of members of the Mustelidae family. Washington Post - Bramble Cay melomys is likely the first mammal claimed by man-made climate change
  10. Noticed most uploaders use this section to index all the releases they do, and non-members can read each thread in that sub category. It probably doesn't matter to much, but considering web crawlers do exist it may be in the user's best interest.
  11. Great job with these classic Disney shows. Any chance you could get your hands on dark wing duck?

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    2. PM62
    3. DaftMink


      If no one else does, I may look into the show in July.

      Thanks to an uploading snafu I'm already kinda close to my upload quota.

    4. ElectricAngel


      I actually own both DVD volumes. I can rip them if you want? Though it might take some time, as there's a lot of episodes and my upload speed isn't the best.

  12. Coming over from Cartoon-World, hoping there's different board styles.
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