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  1. Hi, retal4, Ive send you a PM.

  2. Hi, I've sent you something in PM. :D

  3. Sorry to bump you sir but did you read my latest message?

    1. retal4


      Sorry, but I've been ignoring private messages recently. I will read it though.

  4. @retal4 Please check pm I sent you a capture request thanks very much



  5. Hello. You there?

  6. Just curious. Are there any new episodes of Looped?

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    2. Pacific85


      In reply to retal4, check the Teletoon schedule. 




    3. DigiPokeMon


      By the way pacfic85. Retal4 is a uk capper, for teletoon canada you need arian who lives in canada



    4. Pacific85


      Replying to DigiPokeMon. The show still airs on CITV

  7. Please check your inbox, I sent you a PM.

  8. retal4

    Hi I'm from C-W forums

    Another C-W forumer here, just joined today.