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  1. ....basically every series. Take Attack on Titan for example. Do the dvds have the 3 ovas and 9 bonus shorts? I'm guessing that it only has eps 1-25 and nothing else (or rather one has eps 1-13 and the other has 14-25).
  2. I figured the extra content would translate into higher sales. That is why those extras are in there in the first place. Needing to license the extras separately does seem like a bother though and could be more costly than if the extras were bundled with the show itself. Thanks for explaining it to me Koby.
  3. It couldn't be that much more expensive to dub the ovas and short sketches, could it? Its especially bad when the ova is critical to the plot. Like the mirai nikki ending, data migration.
  4. I've watched at least a hundred episodes of the funimation dub and I can't see anything good about this show. I'd rate it average to bad. Honestly if I wasn't sick at home at the time and had anything better to do I would have stopped at episode one.