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  1. Everybody and their grandma doesn't need to rip "Martha Stewart's Cooking School". Yet on one site I browse (since TehParadox went down) that's just what they do, page after page of the same show encoded, re-encoded, decoded and whatever else by what must be over a dozen rippers in different file sizes. It's ridiculous, then they'll do the same with web-dls.

    They really need to get together and synch up.


    1. Arian


      I totally agree. Billions of re-encodes, it's so unnecessary and it's such a waste of bandwidth.

    2. spaceman99


      And you know when something a half hour is less than 100 mb it's trashy quality. Why even bother with that? Some shows are barely worth one rip let alone dozens. lol

      I never really got the idea of the tv (hdtv they call them) rips when a web dl will be available the next day, I mean given the option who wants network ID and all the stuff they add on the screen when you can get a nice clean version?

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