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  1. Inspector Gadget (1985) [WEB-DL]

    Tubitv has 20 episodes from season 1: http://tubitv.com/series/1090/inspector_gadget Is there a way to see what pluto.tv has? I think I saw bob and Margaret on the app.
  2. What Cartoons should I post on Mega?

    no captions. I'll upload them eventually.
  3. What Cartoons should I post on Mega?

    All of those you mentioned are not from tooncore and are most likely not as good quality as his. Most of his stuff were direct dvd rips. Mine are all tvrips.
  4. Looking for Godzilla Island

    Godzilla Island (ゴジラアイランド Gojira Airando?) was a Japanese television show spinoff of the Godzilla franchise created by Toho. It premiered on October 6, 1997, and ran for a total of 256 three-minute episodes, finishing on September 30, 1998. The series is notable for its almost-exclusive use of action figures to portray the kaiju rather than suitmation. There are some episodes on dailymotion but there are watermarks and no subtitles. Amazon has a dvd set but I'm not sure if it has subtitles. https://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/switch-language/product/B000JJR9C4/ref=dp_change_lang?ie=UTF8&language=en_JP Any help would be great. Thanks!
  5. What Cartoons should I post on Mega?

    I have this but videofindersTV might be able to upload higher quality episodes.
  6. I recorded the first 6 episodes using a firetv stick and my android player's HDMI recorder. It looks great. 1080p. The only problems are the opening displays of the episode number and the watermarks showing what will be played next.
  7. The Nyaa Request Desk

    Mega links of the following would be cool. Gundam: The Origin — UC 0068 Mobile Suit Gundam — UC 0079 The 08th MS Team — UC 0079 0080: War in the Pocket — UC 0079-80 0083: Stardust Memory — UC 0083 Zeta Gundam — UC 0087 Char's Counterattack — UC 0093 Gundam Unicorn — UC 0096 Turn A Gundam I read these were the best ones to watch. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/feature/2015-10-21/mobile-suit-gundam-where-to-start-and-what-worth-watching/.94461
  8. What Cartoons should I post on Mega?

    No. Sometimes shows have more than one picture resolution to download so make sure you download the highest one.
  9. What Cartoons should I post on Mega?

    sure. You should upload your episodes here.
  10. What Cartoons should I post on Mega?

    The complete series is already on dvd. Unless they are in 1080p HD I don't see a point in getting this.
  11. What Cartoons should I post on Mega?

    I noticed kisscartoon has the same source I have and there aren't any kisscartoon logos added. If they have their logo plastered I usually upload. You can download the episodes with jdownloader. Click on the links below. Use the linkozela firefox add-on to get all the individual episode links and paste them in jdownloader. I think you have to sign some captchas to confirm you aren't a robot. https://kisscartoon.io/Cartoon/Bionic-Six/ https://kisscartoon.io/Cartoon/Ultraforce/ https://kisscartoon.io/Cartoon/Jumanji/
  12. What Cartoons should I post on Mega?

    I just checked my episodes. They look pretty bad (downloads converted to dvd) and I only have 10 of them. Someone on youtube has all 14 in better quality: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJ2a7pxyKRmwm-qfod5-LMBDlKZJW8JmH Use videograbby.com to download the links
  13. What Cartoons should I post on Mega?

    Ok. I'll upload all those.
  14. What Cartoons should I post on Mega?

    I got the 7 disc set here. I will upload them soon. I found some episodes of Gumby here but I'm not sure if they are the same as the 7 dvd set. http://www.amebatv.com/episode.html?mediaid=18092