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  1. Digimon Adventures Tri: Reunion - Official Trailer
  2. According to ManaUK it will get a Blu-Ray release a week before the UK does so I assume 12th March for the US. There has been no further updates from Toei about any other releases such as Crunchy Roll. I did expect to see some sort of iTunes release while it was in theaters just like it did in Japan but that never happened.
  3. RIP  Wada Kouji

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    2. Tai


      First Paul Gordon and now Wada Kouji. Two Digimon musicians is a space of a couple of months :( 

    3. KDDT


      He died too soon, may he never be forgotten. :(:(

    4. KDDT


      Sorry for sounding super emotional but it is just so sad.

  4. RIP Paul Gordon

  5. Just Pre-Ordered Digimon Tri from Amazon :)

  6. A dub? I wish. They haven't even dubbed Fusion season 3 yet. There's your answer. Hopefully there will be one, but nothing has been confirmed yet. To be fair a Dub will be a while off that's why I buying the blu-ray from Japan. I just hope it comes with English subs. I just hope Saban Dubs them individually and not one big film like what they did to Digimon The Movie. I wonder if Joshua Seth will be coming back to do that one episode of Digimon fusion? He keeps saying he will if they ask him but I heard no more on the subject.
  7. Just Pre-Ordered the blu-ray from Amazon I think it is going cost me like £60 or something lol. Going to Pre-Order the Adventure 02 blu-ray set next maybe next I will place the order. Any word if the new Butterfly song is getting a CD release? Any word on a English dub yet?
  8. Is anyone else here getting "decryption error" with Mega again? I only started getting this error since receiving one of those Emails.

  9. Just got this today:
  10. It be awesome if you can get it to work with DCOMs as it fails to detect resolutions.
  11. Just grabbed Disc 2 of Digimon Blu-rays :)

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    2. Tai


      I really like the artwork of the box and discs of the Blu-ray but I would not spend that much money for it.

    3. Mr. Kimiko

      Mr. Kimiko

      just do what I did and download the files.

    4. Tai


      Yeah, could do.

  12. Here is a new Digimon Tri poster:
  13. Does anyone know where I can get the Digimon Adventures Blu-rays images from?

  14. Looks like I will be next then. 980GB of 50GB. I hope to make it to 1TB first before losing the account.
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