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  1. i have time to follow only 1 anime. which anime from winter 2019 season should it be?
  2. whats your favorite "psychological-thriller" anime? mine are: Death Note, Stein;gate, Erased. looking for something similar, with good story!
  3. you just not get it. this guy only use netflix account that belongs to another users. they didn't even notice that someone else is using in their account. he didnt change the password of the account or something. he told me that he current have more than 30 accounts of users.
  4. i totally agree with all the complains about today's cartoons, especially when we look back to the 90's when cartoons used to be awsome. however i bellive that anything in life isn dynamic, and so on the animation industry. it's just a matter of time until we will have another great cartoons. the 2010's cartoons are just like the 70's of cartoons- after the great 60's cartoons the 70's was bad years for cartoons industry. (i.e. the worst Hanna-Barbera cartoons ever was produced in those years.). but right after that came the 80's and the 90's.. conclusion- don't like current cartoons? try watch some good-old-classic-nostalgic cartoons, and be patient. soon we will have another new shows, and maby they will be better. by the way - i heard that Cartoon Network has some new boss. maby he will turn CN to the right direction?
  5. i know a guy who get netflix account by using "brute force". can someone help me how to do that? wich tools do i need for that? thanks a lot.
  6. well it's seems like every year the general culture, including "geek-culture" (anime, scifi- fantasy-horror tv/movies/books/etc), becomes more with violente, vulgar and raunchy. do you think it has any effect on us? and if so, good effect or bad?do pepole who expose to content with cruelity and violence become more agressive people? or the opposite, it cause to reaction, and make people recoil from harm another people? (and so on with sexual content..) don't take me wrong, i enjoy watch anime, horror movies/tv, etc. but i start thinking about how it's effects us, the viewer. comment your opinion please! also, please mention if you boys or girls, (cause i want to see if the gender has any connection to attitude in this subject) p.s. sorry about my imperfect english
  8. reruns of futurama (sigh "RIP"), simpsons, family guy,and beware the batman ("WHEN THE HITAUS WILL OVER?") ..
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