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  1. Kingdom hearts 1 as 2 got convoluted and made no sense. thats nomura for u.
  2. I would love a shounen jump or shounen sunday rpg. my dream already came true with south park the stick of truth.
  3. final fantasy 7 because it was hard as hell final fantasy x-2 because i tried getting all the endings back in the ps2 era
  4. GTA san andreas Tekken 5 Soul calibur 3 Battlefield as it was the 1st online game I ever played and glitched.
  5. call of duty (any version with nukes) - I like to drop nukes and ruin everyone's day because my day before playing it usually sucks.
  6. lego batman, made me cry on how the live action movies suck in comparison.
  7. Honestly you can skip the whole series. To get all of Samurai Jack's journey, you only need to watch the 1st 3 episodes and the whole new series in 2017. The original director has disregarded any seasons after 1, and all comic books, novels, etc. he did not write.
  8. X men, batman, justice league, spiderman, avengers the animated series.
  9. I doubt it, there is no merchandising profit to be earned. A tv station/manga label only keeps making a series if the manga is still ongoing/popular. When bleach went off air the views, reception, and manga were doing horrible. Rurouni Kenshin from the 90s era suffered the same reason the bleach anime got cancelled. After the kyoto arc they caught up to the manga and the filler anime only arcs dropped the ratings and they cancelled the anime and it never came back. Inuyasha the final act was an example of good reception. Final act came out 2 years after the original Inuyasha anime ended but the difference is the reception, merchandising, and the ratiengs/views of the anime before it went off air were still very high. Bleach is the opposite where it failed miserably. The live-action movie is coming out in 2018 but that usually only produces ova's not a full series
  10. If you want short anime's with no long commitments FLCL (6 episodes) - doesn't make sense but it is weird, fun, and short. such a cult classic that adult swim/toonami has finally ordered 2 more seasons that are coming out next year. Full metal panic fumoffu (12 episodes) - you can skip the canon series Full metal Panic and Full metal panic the 2nd raid as this series is more of an ova/standalone. it is funny as hell. to understand the characters you need to see the 1-3 episodes of full metal panic but if you just want to laugh just watch fumoffuu 1st. believe me you wont regret it. Hellsing Ultimate (10 episodes) - art is amazing and each episode is an hour but it sums up the whole manga
  11. X-men and spider man the animated series were the pillars of my childhood.
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