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  1. unclejeb1861

    [CNReborn] Cartoon Network Reborn Project

    Over the past two weeks, the completion percentage of the project has gone from 57.1% to 68.9% thanks to over 1,100 newly added episodes / segments / shorts. Currently, we are seeking around 100 Home Video Releases (DVDs / BDs) to complete the project. The list of remaining discs can be found here. If you wish to help contribute to the project, please review the following bullet points: Join the CN Reborn Discord Server to help assist with various facets of the project! Check your local library to see if they have any of the DVDs or Blu-Rays needed to complete the project. Don't forget to ask if you can complete an interlibrary loan to receive an item from a partner library Enrolled College Students: We are seeking anyone whose university library has access to WorldCat (also known as OLOC, World Catalog). This will allow us to potentially acquire a number of hard to find and/or out of print releases to complete the project Consider donating funds towards the purchase of HD-WEB files, DVDs / BDs, and subscription streaming services. Quite a lot of money has been already spent towards HD / Upscaled WEB files of a number of iconic Cartoon Network & Hanna-Barbera releases. The sooner we have these missing releases completed, the sooner the project (currently sitting at over 8,000 files before including numerous Games, Comics, Music Videos, Shorts, and other Behind The Scenes Content) will be released !
  2. unclejeb1861

    What's a cartoon you gave up on watching?

    I watched about half of the first season of Star Vs. The Forces of Evil, but I couldn't get into it. It felt too similar to The Fairly Oddparents, down to the fairly below average animation. Definitely something I would have loved as a kid, but as an adult it just didn't do it for me
  3. Do we know if this is a complete HD remastering or if it is just cramming all of the SD episodes into a single BD disc?
  4. unclejeb1861


    Out of the options provided, I think 'Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii' stands out as the most unique. Rarely do you see a series that portrays adult friendships & relationships in a (mostly) normal and healthy way. Also liked Franxx even though the criticism regarding the second half of the show is generally on point
  5. unclejeb1861


    I cannot believe how many of these games have been preserved! Fantastic work OP! Now only if a re-creation of Gtoons could be made !
  6. unclejeb1861

    [CNReborn] Cartoon Network Reborn Project

    This is a fantastic project! Thank you for organizing this together! I'm not sure if this is allowed within forum paramaters, but perhaps it would be worthwhile to organize all of this information in an excel file / google sheets to easily categorize the best quality available for each series !
  7. unclejeb1861

    Cartoons You're Currently Watching?

    Currently Airing: Adventure Time [CN] Craig of the Creek [CN] OK KO Lets Be Heroes [CN] Steven Universe [CN] We Bare Bears [CN] Ducktales (2017) [Disney] The Loud House [Nick] Voltron Legendary Defender [Netflix] Planning on finally starting Avatar: The Last Airbender since I missed that as a kid for whatever reason!
  8. Amazon has the set for Pre-Order for $101.61 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07FSRBWXK/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?tag=slicinc-20&ascsubtag=e14bcefe941d11e897992ecfd3424a6c0INT&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1
  9. unclejeb1861

    Anime: English Dub Vs Sub

    I think a good dub can be equally as good as the subbed version. There are even some series that I prefer dubbed compared the subbed version (explicitly Dutch in 'Black Lagoon')