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  1. Well it is clearly written in the heading, I want to delete my account on this site for certain reasons. And I couldn't really find the option in the user cp and was hoping that someone would help me.
  2. ghostlysunny11

    Where do you live?

    I live in A small town by the name of Carletonville in South Africa
  3. ghostlysunny11

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    If this keeps on going, I think that I'll die with anticipation before the game even comes out. Man this thread is making me more envious for this game. But one thing I would definately like for this game is for it to have even a bigger modding community than what Oblivion has, than that would be awesome...
  4. ghostlysunny11

    Final Getsuga Tensho

    Well if you remember,Ishin tells ichigo that there zanpaktous don't want to teach them the final technique and it was the same with engetsu.Which mean that he probably used the FGT.
  5. ghostlysunny11

    best video game company

    Capcom For the Street Fighter and Many other series.Ubisoft for Assasin's Creed,Prince of Persia, and Splinter Cell Series.And last but not the least Bioware for there awesome work with Mass effect 2.
  6. ghostlysunny11

    Steam Vs. Games For Windows Marketplace

    Here's my opinion Both of these system are shit.Here's my reason I bought left 4 dead 2 and would like to how the game is,I haven't been able to play it because That fu***ng steam forces me and tells me that I have to download a patch of 5 gigabytes.And the worst part is that I can't even find the patch anywhere other than steam.GFWL sucks because it also like steam, forces you to update it's software when you are really in a mood to play that game.NOW THAT JUST PLAIN PISSES ME OFF...
  7. ghostlysunny11


    But then those religions aren't the truthful ones.The truth is that The Bible,The Quran,and almost all other religions I know say that the things you mentioned above are not allowed, and should be severely punished.That's just plain stereotyping,you can't blame all the religions for what you read in a few books.Besides there are many fake sites and books out there that try and prove the other person's religions as fake or "evil'.And I'm not trying to shove this down your throat,my point is that if a religion is true then it will forbid evil.It's just that most people these days are not typically following there religion (People drink,have unmarried sex,kill other people,steal,gossip etc.).Basically if you look at it then almost 50% of the world should be severely punished.My point -most religion are good but people change the ways of the religion to suit themselves and so it's easy to misunderstand them.I was just trying to prove my point and my intention wasn't to offend someone or try and shove my thoughts into their brains...
  8. ghostlysunny11

    Victory, The Bill was Stopped, for now.

    The U.S just doesn't get it does it,I mean come on there's no way you stop piracy,the internet is perhaps the most powerful tool that a man can possess (other than a weapon like the redeemer in UT3 which I would use to blow the world up).They can't get in the way of internet,besides this might only effect guys in U.S so......
  9. ghostlysunny11

    Ichigo from Bleach

    Shit,you can draw mate.
  10. ghostlysunny11

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Currently trying to finish Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising,though I must say that I was quite dissappointed in the game when I first bought it,I thought that I'd get call of duty like gameplay.Well I guess I was wrong.....
  11. shubh janamdin, ghostly.

    HAPPY B'DAY!!!!

  12. ghostlysunny11


    It's obvious isn't it by looking at the trees and everything else in nature around you,you realise that there is a someone controlling this...but the question is who?I belong to a religion which might be the most misunderstood religion in the world,and all that because of I guy who doesn't even exist,Laden,WTF.I'm a muslim,and most people think of my religion to be violent whereares it is quite peaceful.I want to tell more people about my religion and clear misunderstandings so if there are any question,then fire ahead.Let me just share the basics(note:this is based upon my beliefs and is not intended to hurt someone):Islam started from the beginning of the world,and Adam was made,devil tricked him into eating the forbidden apple,he apologised to god,god accepted but sent him to earth as he was destined,after that many phrophets came and went all of them facing utmost rejection and then came Hadhrat Isa (P.B.U.H) or you all know him as Jesus Christ,Islam says that "God has no partners,wife,and children,we are only his worshippers whom he loves more than the love of 1000 mothers combined together".Now Jesus was also a messenger of god but many mistaked him to be the son of god.His enemies pursued him and put him on a cross.AHH but wait JESUS DID NOT DIE he was only lifted bodily and a man who looked similar to him was crucified then came the final messenger Muhammad (P.B.U.H).And to this day the muslims and christians are waiting for the arrival of Jesus to come back to this earth.But I cannot tell you everything that is why I put up a link here http://www.islaam.ca/
  13. ghostlysunny11

    Your Favorite: Bleach, Gundam, Naruto, or One Piece?

    I never ever watched Gundam,But If I had to rank them then It would look like this: 1)Naruto 2)Bleach 3)One Piece It's actually quite funny how my top 5 Anime list also resembles this ranking quite closely..Naruto all the way...
  14. ghostlysunny11

    Who's Your Favorite Legendary Sannin?

    I agree with Luka,it's gotta be jiraiya.The was really funny with him in it.Also I think that probably he might be even stronger than Orochimaru...