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  1. Right now the Silver Soul Arc (Ep 354+) just started in summer and is just as full of funny, misleading, and suspenseful scenes that you would expect from Gintama.
  2. It's more action paced than One Piece which spends 20 minutes to introduce 1 fight / 1 idea. I like the simple formula of the good hero overcoming odds to triumph, which is why I watch My Hero Academia.
  3. Just saw the first episode released on Toonami (Cartoon Network). Without giving away spoilers, I enjoyed it especially since it was DUBBED! Looking forward to the remaining 5 episodes!
  4. I just saw Batman Ninja and I liked how they fused current anime ideas (robots) along with the samurai culture.
  5. i am watching all animated comedies - american dad, simpsons, king of the hill, Dan VS and of course Rick and Morty.
  6. sudoku

    Fairy Tail

    I am hoping for some stand alone movies or a movie of things after the manga ends - as the manga ending has some loose ends (dont' worry, I'm not going to spoil the manga ending :)
  7. I liked Yugioh Duel Monsters more after season 1 when the card battles actually made sense. I did like Yugioh GX for the fresh energy of Jaden Yugi and wish they dubbed the final two episodes where he battles Yugi Moto. I have never really got into the other series because there are just too many variables and find the card game just as confusing.
  8. Thanks for the heads up Koby! Because I liked Sword Art Online Seasons 1,2 and the movie, I am hoping they English dub this as well - am going to hold off watching the sub version.
  9. As always, there is an issue with the slow pace of the anime, but overall I am enjoying the story line more than I did with Dragonball GT. I do hope they do a more speed up version like Dragon Ball Kai where they cut out fillers and slower repeat scenes.
  10. I loved watching Transformers, Gi JOE, and Thundercats among others.
  11. As far as I know, Yu-gi-oh and Yu-gi-oh GX are only english dub (save for the first 9 episodes of Yu-gi-oh) because the English edits don't match the original Japanese footage.
  12. That's true also Koby. I was thinking more in terms of the contents on this site - lots more anime and Funimation series than Disney series. Regardless Disney buying this site would not be good... Thanks for all your hard work Koby and everyone else who keeps this site running!
  13. You know, if you said this site was being bought by Funimation or CrunchyRoll, it would have been more believable
  14. sudoku

    Fairy Tail

    I liked the manga ending, look forward to having it turned into anime.... In my opinion, I kinda liked Natsu x Lisanna, shame they never really pushed it.
  15. Yugioh GX has been dubbed up through episode 154; in fact Yuigoh and Yugioh GX are the only two of the series I liked. I have not been a fan of the newer series (include VRAINS)
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