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  1. astroboy85

    irc banned account? pls help

    thanks again for the help, ppls seriously i'm trying to figure this one out! all good all good Mr FlowerMan
  2. astroboy85

    irc banned account? pls help

    Koby my ban has been longer than 10 minutes, so hence why i'm asking for help. Any help is appreciated, really as i'm still banned Thanks for the kind support Night_Runner
  3. astroboy85

    irc banned account? pls help

    hi valdearg I was banned again, due to my connection issues, but have made a few tweaks hoping to have fixed a few issues. Like making exceptions through my antivirus, and port forwarding. Is there anything else that you could recommend I do to negate this from happening? or if you could point me in the right direction of the information, that would be great. Any help is appreciated Cheers
  4. astroboy85

    irc banned account? pls help

    thanks valdearg champion!
  5. hello i've just setup my irc account, read through all of the instructions and registered my nickname and everything. it did take a while for me to figure it out, because i'm a noob at this. i still am having a few disconnection issues, and have a ghost account occasionally. But think I know how to get around that. Everything was fine until a little while ago, when i discovered i was banned for some reason...? I'm confused, and am trying to do the right thing. If i was spamming or flooding? (whatever that is) i apologize. Please lift my ban, all i'm trying to do is download some awesome stuff from you guys. Any help is appreciated. Cheers username on irc is: AstroBoy85
  6. astroboy85


    hello i'm new. this is a fantastic place!