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  1. Shame, I have enjoyed the show since the beginning. Although I still have no idea what the heck just happened during the last few minutes of the finale.
  2. I was just browsing through the Microsoft Store and they appear to have several Anime Shows available for FREE. It looks like a 1-Day Sale and only seems to apply to "Season 1" of multi-season shows. So only the first seasons are Free. Other seasons are only discounted. I don't really watch Anime, so I have no idea if any of these shows are popular or of interest to anyone, but just thought I would share the info. Link to USA Microsoft Store Promo Page: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/movies-and-tv/collection/daily-deal-free-1st-seasons-save-up-to-75-off/fh_dd_funimation
  3. slick1109

    Console or PC?

    I used to be 100% for consoles, that was until I built a high powered desktop and got a nice video card. Now I am catching up on all those PC games I missed out on. The graphics are a lot better on the PC too. I think I might be done with consoles (unless they have exclusive that dont come to PC). Even then, there is some serious work being done on emulators these days. I actually have a brand new PS4 and Wii-U that I have not even opened yet. The Wii-U might go up on ebay considering how much New ones are going for. I still have pretty much every major console from the NES till now (might even have an old atari somewhere). I have actually been slowly selling those off as well (need the space and the money).
  4. Just binged through the rest of the season of 3Below. Its wasnt bad, but it was not as good as Trollhunters. Season 1 of 3Below takes place at the same time as Trollhunters Season 3, so my favorite parts were the cameo appearances by Trollhunters characters and seeing how some of the crazy things that happened in Arcadia seem through someone else's eyes. There are even a few episodes where the Trollhunters characters are a major part of the story. Thats as vague as I can be without offering up spoilers. I will say that episode 6 "Deja Vu" was my favorite episode of 3Below. Its worth watching simply to expand on the Trollhunters story. Not sure how many seasons the show is supposed to get, but I heard the 3rd show in the series "Wizards" is coming out later this year. Now to find something new to start watching......
  5. Just finished all 3 seasons of Trollhunters, and now working on 3Below. I almost passed on both shows because I didn't like the quality of the computer animation, but once I gave it a chance the story had me hooked. Trollhunters was great, 3Below is ok.
  6. So out of the three I do watch, I seem to enjoy The Flash the most. In the beginning I wouldn't have guessed that considering I have never been a big fan of the flash character. However I enjoy the Time Travel and Multiverse aspects of the show, and ultimately think they have a good cast of characters. Of course, it doesn't hurt that Candice Patton is nice eye candy as well. With that said, if watching The Arrow provides more backstory for Barry Allen's start as The Flash, then that is already a good enough reason to add it to my To-Do list.
  7. So I have never actually watched this show, except for the crossover episodes. However I do watch the other three ( “The Flash,” “Supergirl,” and “Legends of Tomorrow.” ). I keep meaning to go back and start from the beginning but I never seem to find the time. The show seems "Darker" than the other three. Is it worth the time to binge through seven (or soon eight) seasons?
  8. I enjoyed the original. Hopefully the sequel will be as enjoyable.
  9. The sad part is, I can't even remember. I don't even remember what year I read a book last. If comic books count then I do occasionally read some of the Disney comics by IDW. There is just such an abundance of media these days that I feel as if books fall by the wayside. I mean, my DVR is constantly at 90%+ with TV shows I am trying t catch up on, and I feel like no matter how much I watch I barely make a dent. I have a list of games I want to play, and I having movies piling up that I never seem to get to. So I never seem to find time for books. Although I do often read through articles online, so at least I am reading something, lol. When I was younger, I remember reading through a Goosebumps book in a night. They jumped right into the action (unlike most books) and were usually only around 100 pages, so they were easy to read though. I also used to love those Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books. I swear, the amount of electronic media available just makes people lazy.
  10. While I appreciate the two responses, my desire to wait to start playing "Any" game until all DLC has been released for it (as well as update patches that address any problems) is because I typically have little interest in re-visiting a game after I have beaten it. Thats why I would like to play all DLC right after completing the main story campaign, because its very unlikely that I will take the time to go back to that game again, months later, just to play a newly released DLC. The amount of games that are on my "list", waiting to be played is very long as it is, so I am not one of those people that has to play every new game as soon as it comes out. I can wait. Heck, I just finished RE7 a week ago and am now playing Batman Arkham Knight. Both games have been out for quite a while and are considered "complete" in the sense that all DLC and update patches have been released at this point. While not all games are plagued with bugs upon release, one good example is the Fallout games which are always very buggy when first released. While they are one of my favorite game series, I waited about a year after release to start playing Fallout 4 just because I knew it would have problems that needed to be fixed (plus of course waiting for all that DLC to be released). Even though there are a lot of other games on my list that I have not gotten to yet, I am anxious to play RE2. Thats why I was asking if anything else is planned for it yet. If I dont hear anything about more DLC in the next 2 months then I will probably just go ahead and play it at that point. I say 2 months because I am about to signup for 2 months of xbox game pass (as soon as i finish up Batman) so RE2 will have to wait at least that long.
  11. Rumor is that a 7th Generation iPod Touch is being released this year. Personally, I use an iPod Shuffle when working out.
  12. Is the recently released DLC all thats being released for RE2, or is there more in the works? I would prefer to wait to start playing it after its considered "complete".
  13. I wonder if there will be a release in English. Maybe once it gets released on DVD/Bluray they might add English Dubs to the disc. Then again, considering how long it takes most of the games in the series to be released in English, I wont hold my breath.
  14. -Have at least 5 posts - CHECK -Have an Avatar Pic - CHECK -Left a new comment in the Gaming Realm (and linked to it) - CHECK -Left a Hashtag in this post - CHECK -I am not on IRC or Discord (so since its optional) - CHECK #codww2 Thanks to @Koby and @LighteningOne for offering this Giveaway.
  15. I am in the middle of playing this game right now (the Gold Edition) and while it is certainly scarier than any previous Resident Evil game, it also does not feel like its belongs as part of the series. Unless there is some dramatic twist at the end that ties it to other games, it feels like a completely different game. Of course, I felt that way about Resident Evil 4 as well. Excellent game, graphics and controls, but it also felt like a completely different game from the rest. For me, the main antagonist of Resident Evil was Umbrella. The first 3 games followed that story line, and then things went off in a completely different direction. I guess the new enemy is simply a "Virus" (one of many). I mean, what happened to the Zombies? I still love the games and will continue playing them, but they lost the feel that the originals had, and the originals are why I started playing the series in the first place. #codww2
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