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  1. Matt Hatter Chronicles

    Hi everyone, this show will air in the UK on CITV at 6pm (Monday 24 April), if someone lives in the UK and has free time could they possibly record this. Would be great if someone could and thanks in advance.
  2. [REQ] Nutri Ventures

    for some reason the copied links won't paste, but if you type in nutri ventures in the search you'll find the thread. uploaded by Tacnil host is Mega
  3. Duck Dogers

    not sure about dvds but there are web dl s of this show for season 1 and 2
  4. Deadspace: Aftermath 720p

    I know it's not 720p http://www.bts.to/dead-space-aftermath-2011-bluray-1080p-x264-dts-ltt-tf2356247.html it has 4 seeds 1 peer
  5. [req]

    http://netfolder.in/folder.php?folder_id=9IobB3T pikanet128 web dl 1080p S02 around 800mb
  6. Shonen Jump

    shounen jump because they continue to make good anime