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  1. Is Juniper Lee in HD on the Boomerang streaming service?

    1. TheOneWhoSees
    2. Beemo


      Excellent. Can it be ripped?

    3. TheOneWhoSees


      I have no idea.

      I would like to have a crack at it, but I don't have an account (and I live outside the US)

  2. Does anyone have a DVDRip of Histeria?

  3. This place really seems dead now that Cartoons and Tooncore are gone.

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    2. Inverti


      I concur with Emjay. The forum is still one of the best places to look for (dubbed) anime content. 

    3. Tooncore


      I'm still here just no way to share atm.

      And yes, Kametsu is wonderful place, I agree!


    4. spaceman99


      It's slowed down, but then again so much has been shared we're probably running out of stuff. As always it's a "wait and see" what's released to MOD, DVD, HULU< Netflix or Amazon and if anyone rips and shares.

      Lots more series that haven't gotten proper treatment in good quality, like the rest of Tarzan Lord of the Jungle, Jana of the Jungle, etc


  4. I should have specified: does anyone have Tooncore's rips of Gummi Bears?

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    2. marbleroll


      The russian ones @spaceman99 ? I think they are and they also have english audio @Beemo just not english subs :( but i think the quality is pretty good

    3. spaceman99


      Yeah, I think so, if those ISOs are still up they're fine but Beemo would either have to have dvd9s to burn them or rip them himself.

      Yup, they have english audio, I can't believe Disney never released the whole series to the US. One thing I noticed is the episode order is kinda off according to wiki maybe, I forget but on some sites the series ends with the Great Gummies signaling back. When I had the rips I was trying to make the order in that way because it gave the series aa end, not left it hanging but as I recall some of the dual episodes were different than what's on DVD, like 112a is with 109a, etc which confused the hell outta me, guess I should have focused on the full episodes. lol

    4. marbleroll


      Yeah makemkv did fine with converting them :) i just downloaded the iso or folder and then it detected chapters 

  5. Has anyone ever made a DVDRip of Histeria!?

  6. Lots of people are asking Cartoons to re-up his stuff. He's gone and his drive is permanently erased. So you might as well stop.

    1. spaceman99


      Thanks Beemo, it had to be said.

      I'm not sure of the status of Tooncore, but I now his links are down and more than likely he's not happy about it, so constantly asking about his links and for re-ups is also pointless.

      Just wanted to throw that out there as well, seeing a lot of people asking TC for re-ups too.

      At this time just sit and wait if TC decides to come back he will, if not that's his choice and pestering him isn't going to get anyone anywhere. We also have to respect whatever choice he makes as he puts a lot of time, effort and his own money into accounts.

      Sadly people have shared to reddit and 4chan and done a lot of damage here. So PLEASE do not share any links outside of this site, only tell trusted people about it and if you have to, I mean just have to get some sort of weird recognition elsewhere download and re-upload the series to your own filehost choice.

    2. marbleroll


      Well at least that's good to know >_< I guess the ones that did download Cartoon's or Tooncore's maybe can reupload some of them? :P 

  7. Does anyone know if there's a torrent of Jojo's Circus out there somewhere?

  8. Could you reseed Wordgirl sometime?

  9. I keep forgetting this site exists.

    1. Koby


      It's okay. This site keeps forgetting you exist too.

    2. mdcx


      I keep forgetting that I exist.

  10. Could somebody create a thread with all of the 2015 Alvin series in 1080p neatly organized? Because honestly the existed threads are impossible for me to follow.

  11. Anyone willing to help me buy Dora the Explorer from Amazon Video?

    1. Arian


      Sure, except we purchase them on my account.

  12. How long until someone rips Neo Yokio?

    1. Arian


      It's been done already. Not sure how you feel about the quality but it's been done technically.



    2. Beemo


      Neat. Thanks for the tip.

  13. Does anyone have Arthur season 18 in 1080p?

  14. Does anyone have Stuck in the Middle in 1080p?

  15. Can someone recommend a good video player that isn't VLC or MPC?

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    2. Zweeflol
    3. EljayFlintok


      It is possible your eyes just don't like anything but VLC... :P . . . they've been hacked!! :o

    4. EljayFlintok


      @zweeflol Yea, mpv, nice, but no plug 'n play experience. SMPlayer, if I remember correctly, also uses MPV as an engine and is much more user friendly.