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  1. Yes! Every morning before work.
  2. Just completed psycho-pass 2. This show is good but very strange lol ready for the movie to be dubbed ^.^
  3. Hey everyone, haven't been on here in a while. Just thought i'd give an update. I got a boyfriend now <3 Ok, back to your scheduled debate
  4. 10/10 lol dat retro shit ^.^ (even though i've never been big into megaman lol)
  5. For me now, it's mostly Kpop with a few English artists like Lady Gaga.
  6. KPOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~ ^.^
  7. YASSSS I LOVE KPOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^.^ SHINee B.A.P got7 VIXX g-dragon BTS (BANTAN BOYS) BOYFRIEND NU'EST INFINITE 100% Boys Republic BTOB C-Clown EXO f(x) Eric NAM Girls' Generation HOTSHOT Jay Park 2NE1 UNIQ i think i got most of them lol
  8. I got a new laptop finally lol
  9. My house would also be abstract to compliment my personality and each room would be different. One room would be classical Asian themed and I would love to live in South Korea.
  10. I need a boy who prefers cuddling over sex. Sex is nice and all but I love cuddling a whole lot more. lol
  11. It's like the one part of that shitty movie Gods not Dead. When they had it that the Muslim convert to christian. I just shook my head NO ONE leaves one religion to go to another. That's like leaving one cage to be in a different cage.
  12. I'd rather cuddle than have sex
  13. I for one is for lowering the age of consent because "smut" should not have to be censored around anyone. Once someone is sexual active (that includes masturbation) there is no point for them to have a legal standing that the parents have full control in which is the most twisted part.
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