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  1. Playing Persona 5 Royal and Luigi's Mansion 3
  2. Just got Journey to the savage planet, Persona 5 Royal and Fire Emblem Three Houses
  3. Snack World Gold Edition Animal Crossing New Horizons
  4. Preordered Fairy Tail Trials of Mana Remake Metroid Prime 3 No More Heroes 3 Xenoblade Chronicles Definitve Edition Tales of Arise Resident Evil 3 Remake Ghosts of Tsushima Also Bought on Black Friday Secrets of Mana Scribblenauts Megapack Kingdom Come Deliverance Royal Edition Shadow of the Tomb Raider Complete Edition Shenmue III Indivisible Crystar Yooka-Layle - The Impossible Lair God Eater 3 Trover Saves the Universe Battlefield V Legend of heroes Cold steel I, II, III
  5. Playing through a bit of my backlog, Borderlands Goty on PS4
  6. Preordered Alot of Games The Last of Us Part II Dragon ball Z Kakarot Final Fantasy 7 Remake Tokyo Mirage Fe Encore Doom Eternal Luigis Mansion 3 The Outer Worlds Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Death Stranding Cyberpunk 2077 Watch Dogs Legion The Avengers Dying Light 2 Pokemon Shield Also Purchased FF 8 Remaster Dragon Quest 3 Grandia HD Remaster Octopath Traveler Link's Awakening Ni No Kuni Remaster
  7. Xenosaga series, Shin Megami devil summoner Raidou Kuzunoha Vs Souless Army & King vs Abaddon Also Persona 3 and 4
  8. Just downloaded my copy of FF8, it will be my first time playing it
  9. Sent in my Joy-cons to be repaired, but been enjoying Astral Chain with the Pro controller
  10. Started Judgment, the game is epic and amazing. I can't seem to put the controller down
  11. Control (PS4) Judgment (PS4) Astral Chain (NS) Dark Pictures: Man of Medan (PS4) Catherine Full Body (PS4) Got some games for my birthday recently from the Family The walking dead telltales complete (PS4) Captain Toad Treasure Tracker (NS) The Witcher 3 GOTY (PS4)
  12. Preordered the Shield version, Gonna name my Character Naofumi after the Shield Hero
  13. Playing Persona 5 until DMC 5 comes out
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