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  1. I got One Piece 62 4Kids and Winx 3x23 4Kids with no audio glitches! Woo hoo!

  2. I still have all of my Gormiti, Cubix, and Viva Pinata episodes on an external HD so if anything happens, I can reupload them.
  3. Never mind. I last checked a month ago. So I guess the rights expired then.
  4. I think Nicktoons still holds the rights to DBGT because I think their website is still up. But if FUNimation still has the edits for DB and DBZ, it is possible, but I'm not sure if CN/Boom would be interested.
  5. That one with Pepe Le Pew and Penelope Pussycat with the "Tunnel Blocked". heck, any Pepe Le Pew short.
  6. Modern Family Downton Abbey Mad Men Switched at Birth Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Sam and Cat Halt and Catch Fire Fargo
  7. Would you consider Glee or VICTORiOUS to be "serious" titles? I'm sure it won't bother her. That said, I'll consider it anyway.
  8. When I say things that insult Christianity, I mean things like Family Guy and South Park that make fun of it constantly. As for why we're not together, it's because things just got too busy for us and we mutually separated. Some people at my workplace want us to try again, but that's nigh impossible now that she's away at college. As for why I'm trying to show her anime, it's partly out of her interest in High School of the Dead (she saw a manga on the shelf) and Karin (since she reads Chibi Vampire). Another part is that she got me to watch Zoey 101. I'm not very interested in that show (though it's not the worst thing I've ever seen, it's just not something I'd go out of my way to watch), but I endure it for her and because we talk during it and a few other personal things. She's really not a huge anime fan outside of Miyazaki, but I think it's about time she tries something. Plus, HSotD only has about one fifth of Zoey 101's episode count, and Karin only has about two fifths. Perfect titles. Thanks for the recommendations.
  9. I'm thinking of showing her K-ON!, because she seems to like musical and performing arts shows (Glee, Smash, Nashville, VICTORiOUS, and to a lesser extent Hannah Montana). She also wants to try High School of the Dead, because she's into the horror genre (think most horror movies or American Horror Story, which she's also into). She also reads the Chibi Vampire manga, so Karin is a no brainer for her (She seems to like vampire things too, like Twilight, Cirque du Freak, Dark Shadows, etc.) The other things she seems to like are just generic sitcoms like Friends, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, 2 Broke Girls, Community, etc. So what else do you think she would like? Just a few things... - She's a little afraid of guns. I know HSotD has a lot of gun use, but they're mostly used against zombies and I showed her the "Matrix Boobs" clip and she laughed. - She doesn't like things that make fun of or insult Christianity. But Christian themed stuff, she loves, from VeggieTales to History Channel's The Bible.
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