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  1. You're not the boss of me now.





    And you're not so big.

  2. Actually, it depends. I set it so that if it's an MKV or an AVI, the file will play in MPC (because the color correction is slightly off in VLC), but if it's an MP4, it will play in VLC.
  3. Was it Planetes? Also, you should go to one of the anime discussion boards for topics like this, because this is not a review, and not asking for recommendations.
  4. Holy shit! That's it. That's the video I was talking about. Didn't know it was Shania Twain. Thought it was some European act. @MoonKnight Thanks!
  5. Okay, that probably doesn't narrow things down, but I wasn't exactly sure when it came out, so in case no such video came out in the 90's. I'm pretty sure it was some type of ballad, though. @SaurusX That Shawn Colvin song's not bad btw! When I first listened to it, I didn't think it was very interesting, but then I heard the chorus, and I actually kind of like it!
  6. Just to make things easier, I'll admit that it might not have been a 90's song, but it at least came out somewhere around the late 90's and and early 2000's. That should make things easier.
  7. Okay, well the first one was a good guess, but I don't know which music video for the other one you were thinking of. I might've not been a white veil. Just white clothes.
  8. I think it was for a song from the 90's, and while I don't think I've listened to the song itself, the video involves a woman covered in a white veil as she walks towards the camera while singing, and she's walking through a bright hallway. That might be a little vague, and that description is probably not very accurate, especially since I remember stumbling on to the video by accident on YouTube, but I recall that the aspect ratio was definitely 4:3, which should tell you how old the video is. And it was definitely on one of those VEVO channels. Thanks for any help I can get!
  9. It was the butler. He did it.

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    2. Koby


      Butlass. xD

    3. Nabull


      Female equivalent = maid? 

    4. Saf


      No no. The job of the maid is to clean shit. The butler is supposed to assist in personal duties, I'm pretty sure.

  10. An innocent man dyed because of me.





    I should have told him that red would look better, at least.

  11. America? Isn't that the mysterious fairy tale land where the movies and TV shows I watch are magically created by a race of mystical, super powered beings who call themselves Americans?

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    2. Sinbad


      Then which is the 1st kingdom?

    3. Saf


      Lazytown, 'cause they are number one!!!

    4. Sinbad


      @Saf, can you tell me where the lazytown is. I think I belong there.

  12. Life Lessons 101 - #408: If you go outside and see a man wearing a top hat and eating a bag of corn chips, kick him in the face. No questions asked. This will help you get further in life. Scientifically tested and guaranteed 100% of the time.

    1. Sinbad


      Did you ever try it?


      If you do, then i am sure that you will be taken into custody by the police.

    2. Saf


      Well, how many top hat-wearing corn chip bag eaters do you see when you go out? None, because they've all been kicked to death. No arrest warrants here, a'ight?

    3. Sinbad


      No one wears top hats during summer (not that they all have been kicked to death), so i couldn't find anyone 😓.


      Lol 😆, does this mean that I can't get ahead in life 🤔?


      Wait, I can still find some if I were in London.

  13. like danny phantom, did you guys see kids next door air in the united states? I haven't found any sources that tell me any specific air dates for america, and I can't check the US cartoon network website because I can't access it, so I can't tell if it was a fixture on cartoon network over there like it was here.

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    2. Saf


      You guys actually have Boomerang?

    3. InvitationToHades


      Yes it aired on Cartoon Network in the US. I vividly remember when it aired too. It was shown first on Cartoon Networks Big Pick weekend. Cartoon Network allowed the viewers to vote on which of the summer's ten series pilots will become the next half hour cartoon. The first big pick was Grim and Evil (which later became the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy) and the second winner the following year was Kids Next Door which became Code Name: Kids Next Door. I never voted for KND but I did vote for Grim and Evil. It was early 2000's.

    4. marbleroll


      :P Well Comcast doesn't have Boomerang anymore :( (why they took it off I have no clue since CN and all are still there) but I think Dish and DirectTV and such do :P 

  14. Hey, what anime is the background of this site supposed to be?

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    2. jhoopes517


      I only ever see Titan with Fate/Stay Night

    3. Koby


      @jhoopes517 you can manually change the background using the wallpaper icon on the far right of the top navigation bar.

    4. jhoopes517


      @Koby you the man!

  15. Is 5.1 surround sound the only audio type for Netflix videos?

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    2. Saf


      As if Netflix didn't already look iffy.

    3. EccentricOne


      It shouldn't really matter. Any good video player should be able to downmix to stereo if surround isn't available. Always better to include surround sound in a release if you can

    4. Koby


      I always go for the highest channel count if given an option, because like @EccentricOne stated, any good player will downmix for your setup if needed and play fine.