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  1. so someone clear this up for me: was Danny Phantom actually distributed in the United States? as in air and get released on media platforms like other nick shows? I know FOP did, and DP did air in australia and is on dvd here, but i haven't found much evidence that it received a run in its native country.

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    2. Saf


      does anyone else think danny's design looks a bit off? his build is really skinny looking, and it looks like he's lacking a spine.

    3. Cryptic


      Yep. I got the DVD full set.

    4. Saf


      no but seriously, because butch hartman has this angular design to his art, it suited fairly oddparents better since they had exaggerated proportions, but since the designs in this show were scaled more realistically, it makes them look disproportionate, especially danny. i never noticed this before because i wasn't paying attention to it.

  2. About YouTube Red

    For anyone who has tried the service, I was wondering which shows or movies you watched, and which you thought were decent or not. Also, does anyone know of a site similar to Kametsu, where I can make requests for live-action stuff? I'm trying to download all of Good Game, which is that Game Grumps/Dan Harmon show on YouTube, but so far, the only episodes I don't have are 4 and 6, since the person who uploaded the rest of the episodes I downloaded didn't have them.
  3. 2014 Games You Want?

    Planetary Annihilation, Watch Dogs, MGS: Ground Zeroes, Dark Souls 2, Destiny to name a few. I wanted to add Star Citizen and Torment: Tides of Numenera but unfortunately gotta wait another year for those.