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  1. Saf

    What was the first anime you ever watched

    I don't exactly recall. It was either Pokemon or Astro Boy. The first subbed anime I saw was the Mega Man Battle Network anime. It wasn't until Love Hina where I started watching subbed anime more.
  2. It's something I remember from a long time ago, so it's pretty old. What I mostly remember was that the main character was a female cat with a Latino accent, and she would talk to herself (I think), but the people around her don't hear her talk. She lives with I believe a Spanish family, and in-between segments we see her in different job scenarios, like it was in her imagination. And the art style was flat, but it was wavy. I'm pretty sure it was an American cartoon, because there were some characters who had an American accent I recall from the show. I just don't recall what the name was. It might have been named after the cat. That's all I can go on for now. Has anyone seen this show, or heard about it? Recently or when they watched it on TV a long time ago?
  3. Anyone here operating from the UK?

    1. Koby


      UK peeps had to leave when memes became illegal. 😸

    2. Saf


      That's funny and all, but this is serious. I kind of need to know because it's important.


      Unless there's a way to find out without asking.

  4. I'll give you her life, if you give me your life, and the life, of my brother.

  5. #TeamRocketsBlastingOffAgain

    1. marbleroll


      Wobbuffet! :P 

    2. Bardon





  6. You're not the boss of me now.





    And you're not so big.

  7. Actually, it depends. I set it so that if it's an MKV or an AVI, the file will play in MPC (because the color correction is slightly off in VLC), but if it's an MP4, it will play in VLC.
  8. Was it Planetes? Also, you should go to one of the anime discussion boards for topics like this, because this is not a review, and not asking for recommendations.
  9. Holy shit! That's it. That's the video I was talking about. Didn't know it was Shania Twain. Thought it was some European act. @MoonKnight Thanks!
  10. Okay, that probably doesn't narrow things down, but I wasn't exactly sure when it came out, so in case no such video came out in the 90's. I'm pretty sure it was some type of ballad, though. @SaurusX That Shawn Colvin song's not bad btw! When I first listened to it, I didn't think it was very interesting, but then I heard the chorus, and I actually kind of like it!
  11. Just to make things easier, I'll admit that it might not have been a 90's song, but it at least came out somewhere around the late 90's and and early 2000's. That should make things easier.
  12. Okay, well the first one was a good guess, but I don't know which music video for the other one you were thinking of. I might've not been a white veil. Just white clothes.
  13. I think it was for a song from the 90's, and while I don't think I've listened to the song itself, the video involves a woman covered in a white veil as she walks towards the camera while singing, and she's walking through a bright hallway. That might be a little vague, and that description is probably not very accurate, especially since I remember stumbling on to the video by accident on YouTube, but I recall that the aspect ratio was definitely 4:3, which should tell you how old the video is. And it was definitely on one of those VEVO channels. Thanks for any help I can get!
  14. It was the butler. He did it.

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    2. Koby


      Butlass. xD

    3. Nabull


      Female equivalent = maid? 

    4. Saf


      No no. The job of the maid is to clean shit. The butler is supposed to assist in personal duties, I'm pretty sure.

  15. An innocent man dyed because of me.





    I should have told him that red would look better, at least.