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  1. swarlock

    Any deviantART Users Here?

    I have a lot of art there. Mostly toon related. Working on a story book to be sold online before the year is over. Will post a link soon.
  2. swarlock

    How did you guys found kametsu?

    There was a site called Cartoon World I used to frequent and when it closed its doors I came here.
  3. kimcartoon already has it there. That was quick.
  4. She's Webby. An original character for The Ducktales TV show in The 80's. She got an upgrade in The 2017 version.
  5. They are Daisy's nieces April May And June. They were in a few Disney Comics.
  6. Planning my next Disney Vacation and thinking up an idea for a web comic I can sell online.

  7. Nice to see you again here. You are a Godsend to Old School Hanna Barbera fans like me.

  8. Impressive. Good luck on the endeavor.
  9. The Crayon Shin Chan Movie, Detective Conan and Yamato 2199 movie looks interesting.
  10. swarlock


    Hi, I came here from C-W which will go down very soon. But it's nice to be in another forum like this one. Born and breed from New York but living in Florida.. Like Cartoons, Comics, Anime and do two Internet Shows on the web. Let's see, what else? I'm sometimes full of mischief.