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  1. Posting here since this resident Meepit will hit 25 today. Happy birthday to yours truly and anyone else who shares a birthday on this fine day.
  2. Hope I'm not too late to say congrats on getting 1K+ posts Ani-me! I've made it as high as 4,400+ posts at another forum I used to volunteer for, but haven't posted there for almost 3 years.
  3. I do have all 26 episodes of Edgar and Ellen in one of my USB flash drives. The first 13 episodes are DVDrips, and the latter 13 episodes are TVrips from Nicktoons Network. I got them from @crossover at the late Cartoon World forums several years back, so I didn't encode any of the episodes. I'm currently uploading the episodes on my MEGA account as I post this, and I will post a topic some time this week at the earliest if anyone here still wants the Edgar and Ellen episodes.
  4. Monopoly
  5. I've been currently playing through Kirby Planet Robobot, the latest entry in the Kirby series. I've aced the first world so far, and I plan on getting 100% in this powerful Kirby game. Asides Robobot, any of the Kirby games in my collection I never got around to beating (Air Ride, and anything made since Epic Yarn).
  6. I know it was last week, but my recent gaming purchase was a preowned copy of Pikmin 3 (original boxart, not the Nintendo Selects reissue). Asides that, preorders of Kirby: Planet Robobot plus all four of the respective amiibo for the game as well.
  7. Placing a request for 480p HQ (or best possible) TV rips of the 2002 Teletoon series RoboRoach. The series has been airing under repeats on BBC Kids Canada since Summer of last year, and I'm not sure if any of the Canadian cappers here get the channel. I did search here, but no luck. Suggested format: Either .mp4, .mkv, .avi, or whatever format best suits the uploader/encoder. Filesize: Normal filesize preferred (around 175MB to 230MB per half hour episode) Preferred Filehost: Usually MEGA, but would also like Yandex Disk and OneDrive (or uploader/encoder's choice) as mirror hosts Wiki link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roboroach I'm not in any rush, feel free to take your time. Thanks in advance!
  8. Treasure
  9. I personally didn't mind school overall back in my teen years. My weakest class was biology, but I wasn't bad at most other classes I took in high school (mainly got B's and A's, and several C's here and there). I'm also glad to have graduated when I could back in 2010, graduation requirements are gradually getting more brutal for HS students these days.
  10. Italian Ice
  11. If I remember, I pretty much found this site via Cartoon-World's forums closing a while back.
  12. Not sure if I made one of these yet, but here you go anyway. Greetings everyone. I am the Meepit Overlord, a king and lover of Meepits who enjoys cartoon/anime action every so often. I may not post very much, but it's my pleasure to be here.
  13. Something has Happened all right, you got a new member over here on Kametsu. I was formerly The Hasee of Doom, now I'm the leader of all the world's Meepits! I'll work on my intro and more about me later on, I have some stuff to do in reality. Welcome me to Kametsu anyway.