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  1. Hello @DawnShadow. i sent you PM on monday

    Could you be nice enough to answer this PM? Please?

    I would be grateful if you did it

  2. True 6

    Hello all

    hello all I am True 6 I'm a 25 year old dude who still likes to watch cartoons (I know what a loser (as well as everyone on this forum so I will fit perfectly xD)) in December last year I was looking in Google link to download probably The Spectacular Spider-Man in HD but I could find anything except one side CW I came across this site many times when I was looking for some cartoons but because of that you had to register to have access to the site I was ignoring it but finally I decided to register there and I regret that I did not do it earlier CW unfortunately was closed because some guy broke it ( and from what I sees he is also here and has administrator privileges ... you know what I think I'd rather not be unpacked just in case ) so I moved here and so I found out about this forum what Anime I like? in my country there is not a lot of Anime so I'm more cartoon-guy but maybe I will discover some interesting Anime here English is not my native language and I'm not good in it (which I guess you can see) so rather I will not write too much here besides, I registered here to get access to the download section (I read the rules there is no point in it, that would prohibit this) but if I find discussions that interested me then maybe I will write in it .... maybe ... probably not now since I wrote this post and I unlock the full functionality of account I can start spamming.... I mean.. posting