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  1. I'm currently looking for the exact same thing Cryptic is looking for. Instead of making a new topic with the exact same question does anybody else have any suggestions? Preferably in the $40 - $50 range (higher priced suggestions are fine too). Would an Android TV Box on Amazon be a viable option?
  2. Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    Hold the phone, you're starting up your project again and you plan on sharing it with us!? I humbly bow to your skills Corpsecreate (great job)!
  3. Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    ??? Porunga's encode of the Dragon Box was originally uploaded on tehparadox and then re-uploaded here by lordashram.
  4. Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    No problem LordFenix. You've already helped a ton by providing the first Dragon Box to hmj!
  5. Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    Because of the video quality. Porunga's release pales in comparison to the unencoded R2 Dragon Box. I'm working on it now with another member (stay tuned).
  6. Attack on Titan Season 2

    Same here. Wit Studio and Tetsuro Araki did a outstanding job with Season 1. Thought the dub turned out great too. Somehow, I managed to avoid all spoilers for Season 2.
  7. Berserk (2016)

    Well, there goes my hope of getting the original cast back (sighs).
  8. Official Vent Thread

    I thought he was joking when he pm'd me "How much will I be paid." Guess not, looks like he got what he deserved.
  9. Berserk (2016)

    The Blu-ray version will eventually be released by someone I'm sure of that. I'm hoping they'll get the original cast back for the dub (like they did for the movies). I loved the original like you. Although, I'm not a huge fan of the 2016/2017 adaption. I'm curious have you've read the manga? Maybe that's the causing the opposing views by many fans. I've read the manga so that's influencing my opinion of the show. Even though the 1997 anime didn't have much of a budget it made up for it through it's direction/characterization. I didn't feel that with new anime.
  10. Cartoons You're Currently Watching?

    Samurai Jack Season 5. The first episode was epic!
  11. Just found this gem HOW!?!

    Welcome, welcome! I'm a Toonami kid too from back in the Moltar days.
  12. Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    If this project ever gets off the ground I volunteer to sync the Faulconer score to the video using lordashram's Blu-ray audio.
  13. Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    Well, if anyone reading this wants to share their Dragon Box ISO's or point me in the right direction with working links please pm me. Hey LordFenix, is the same guy who posted this video the one who started the project (I assumed so)? Because maybe he'd be willing to share his method/settings which he used for his project. He did reply to a comment 1 month ago from the video above so at least he's still somewhat active on his youtube page.
  14. Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    If you could provide the Dragon Box untouched ISO's I would be forever grateful LordFenix. I've been thinking about taking a shot at attempting the definitive Dragon Ball Z release since Funimation has yet to (or ever will) release 4:3 sets (with all three audio). Seems like multiple people have attempted this but ending up dropping the project. Doing so without the proper resources (untouched ISO's) seems like a waste. I have searched all over but it every link is now dead. Speaking of which since you own both the JP release and US release what's the quality difference between the two? I know the R1 release is slightly brighter due to the NTSC standards in North America. I know Kanzenshuu has compared the two but was just wondering what your opinion was.
  15. Another one from C-W!

    Hi everybody I'm another user from Cartoon-World forums. Sad to see it go but happy to find my way here! Glad to see many other C-W brethren have already made the jump!