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  1. Hey! Just now seeing you never got house of cosbys lolol almost 2 years too late, so with that said were you still in need of the files?

  2. I'm still going along for the ride, but if you want my honest dry to the bone opinion. It felt so forced and sloppy, everything about this season has given me that feeling really. Enjoyed my second run through the first season much more, that's where them 'feels' are.
  3. Awesome, super new to irc so cannot wait to get my feet wet and watch me some space dandy finally! Take it easy friend.
  4. hmph, I'll drive to ya but where did you get them, personal rip?
  5. I cannot seem to find Space Dandy Season 2 Japanese HDTV rips. I do know that a box set BLURAY just came out. So maybe some of you more familiar with Japanese sites will know where this may be uploaded in the near future Thanks for any info, cheers.
  6. Cannot seem to find this (its on here, link is dead) other than streaming sites. Looking for untouched DVD with ENG subs. Thanks!
  7. I was pleasantly surprised with this one, watch it!
  8. The Tale of Princess Kaguya & The Grand Budapest Hotel. Wes Anderson films are great, so glad Moonrise Kingdom got the $$$ it needed for him to make another so soon.
  9. Some positive words Hopefully you guys have good speakers for this one, strictly night time candles lit music in my opinion. >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzWCo-Z_a50
  10. Windows 7 with obligatory fake mac look http://feb.imghost.us/CWzq.jpg The clock's always stuck telling 11:11, or 3:32ewww
  11. I recently got Reg Show from BS. I didnt get it through a private channel though, and I havent found where they or it00nz originally release. Pretty new to the forum world, I usually just torrent. So if anyone has any suggestions for it00nz or BS locations that would be cool (other than usenet). &&& Unlikely - I don't have either of these shows purchased on iTunes. The episode I uploaded was from C-W Thanks anyways I enjoy your Steven Universe & Rick and Morty uploads just as well!
  12. Woo you the man Cyrus...erhm woman ahah but really thanks! and 1080p or 720p its whatever. So does this mean you could be the new Regular Show & Adventure Time uploader Cyrus? Loadstone seems to be out of the loop and there still hasnt been an Adventure Time update from it00nz.
  13. Hey man thanks for the upload! Unfortunately this is the version I already have, I am looking for the WEB-DL The colors, the colors! But really the fluidity of the animation and the crisp definition of the outlines beats all other when it comes to the quality of 720p web-dls. I used to not care but sadly for my harddrive I've been converted, the files are massive. Luckily I have 3TB (with 180gb free) - _ -
  14. Hey just as the title says looking for S03E26 720p web-dl of the Regular Show. I can find the nzb of it from it00nz (which I cant download) but it appears to be nowhere else that I can find! Also it was on nettoons but the site owner is persuing a career so I guess he wont be able to re upload dead links. This is the only episode I need to complete my web-dl collection of regular show ahah someone out there has to have it.
  15. I agree with some other people on here that I too am an adult and wouldnt be able to appreciate the detail that goes into writing & animating this show if I were a kid. I have so many moments where I am in awe that CN even allows what is being produced by these people, that being said I am happy that they allow it ahah. bologna factory, bologna factory, bologna factory!