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  1. Hi all I am looking for the latest season of Ninjago in atleast 720p or higher I found on KissCartoon but in my awful quality anyone got it in decent quality thank you
  2. does anyone have the new 22 minute special that appeared on the dvd scooby-doo 13 spooky tales field of screams many thanks in advance
  3. [Fulfilled]

    i used the search bar for x-men no results came up many thanks for the links mate
  4. hi there im looking for season 4 of X-Men Evolution all i can find is really bad tv rips i did find torrents for X-Men.Evolution.WEB-DL-Reaperza but its torrent is dead Reaperza only did season 4 becuase only season 1-3 was released on dvd
  5. anyone know where he posts now since cartoon world is gone did he move over here sorry if this is in wrong place
  6. thank you everyone for the such nice welcome
  7. hello everyone to all old friends & new ones so sad to see cw go